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Information security foundation:
Information security foundation 2d Woerden 17 09 26 17
2d web based 17 09 26 17
IT-Security Practitioner:
IT-Security Practitioner 5d Woerden 07
5d web based 07
IT-Security Foundation:
IT-Security Foundation 2d Woerden 25 26
2d web based 25 26
IT-Security Foundation - E-learning:
IT-Security Foundation - E-learning   Contact ABIS
Information Security Practitioner:
Information Security Practitioner 6d Woerden 02
6d web based 02
Information Security Management Expert (post-HBO):
Information Security Management Expert (post-HBO) 6d   Contact ABIS
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) - preparation course:
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) - preparation course 5d Woerden 13 04
5d web based 13 04
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) - voorbereidingscursus:
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) - voorbereidingscursus 10d Woerden 02
10d web based 02
Certified implementer of ISO27001:2017:
Certified implementer of ISO27001:2017 3d Woerden 21 13
3d web based 21 13
Ethical Hacking Foundation:
Ethical Hacking Foundation 2d Woerden 01 02
2d web based 01 02
Ethical hacking practitioner:
Ethical hacking practitioner 5d   Contact ABIS
Secure programming foundation:
Secure programming foundation 2d Woerden 08
2d web based 08
Secure Software Selectie:
Secure Software Selectie 1d   Contact ABIS
Dark Web Foundation:
Dark Web Foundation 1.5d web based Later sessions
2d Woerden 28
2d web based 28
Understanding RACF:
Understanding RACF 1d web based 07 19 05
RACF administration and auditing:
RACF administration and auditing 4d web based 22 02
Db2 for z/OS: using RACF:
Db2 for z/OS: using RACF 1d web based 21 20
Securing your WebSphere applications:
Securing your WebSphere applications 3d   Contact ABIS
Business Continuity Foundation:
Business Continuity Foundation 2d Woerden 19 05
2d web based 19 05
Business Continuity Practitioner:
Business Continuity Practitioner 6d   Contact ABIS
Crisis Management Foundation:
Crisis Management Foundation 2d   Contact ABIS
Crisis Management Practitioner:
Crisis Management Practitioner 5d   Contact ABIS
Crisis Management Expert:
Crisis Management Expert 15d   Contact ABIS
Privacy & Data Protection Foundation:
Privacy & Data Protection Foundation 2d Woerden 28
2d web based 28
Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner:
Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner 5d   Contact ABIS
Encryptie & PKI Practitioner:
Encryptie & PKI Practitioner 3d Woerden 04 23
3d web based 04 23
Identity & Access Management:
Identity & Access Management 3d Woerden 28
3d web based 28
IPv6 Secure Implementation:
IPv6 Secure Implementation 1d   Contact ABIS
SOC Threat Analyst:
SOC Threat Analyst 5d   Contact ABIS
Social Engineering Foundation:
Social Engineering Foundation 2d Woerden 03
2d web based 03
Security Essentials voor Management en Staf:
Security Essentials voor Management en Staf 2d   Contact ABIS
Associate SOC Analyst:
Associate SOC Analyst 2d web based Later sessions
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