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Programming languages

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Actively coached self-study mainframe:
Actively coached self-study mainframe 5d   Contact ABIS
Programming fundamentals:
Programming fundamentals 2d Woerden 16
Data-structured programming:
Data-structured programming 3d   Contact ABIS
COBOL programming - part 1:
COBOL programming - part 1 3d   Contact ABIS
COBOL programming - part 2:
COBOL programming - part 2 3d   Contact ABIS
PL/I programming: fundamentals course:
PL/I programming: fundamentals course 5d   Contact ABIS
Regular expressions:
Regular expressions 0.5d Leuven 04
0.5d Woerden Later sessions
Secure programming foundation:
Secure programming foundation 2d Woerden Later sessions
Linux C programming:
Linux C programming 5d Diegem 09
Java programming:
Java programming 5d Leuven 15 20
5d Woerden 08 10
Python fundamentals:
Python fundamentals 3d Leuven 16 02
3d Woerden 03 20
Intermediate Python:
Intermediate Python 2d Leuven 26
2d Woerden Later sessions
Web scraping with Python:
Web scraping with Python 1d Woerden 23
Python for data analytics:
Python for data analytics 2d Leuven 16
2d Woerden Later sessions
R for data analytics:
R for data analytics 3d Leuven 28
3d Woerden Later sessions
Scala programming:
Scala programming 3d Leuven 06
3d Woerden 17
PHP programming: fundamentals course:
PHP programming: fundamentals course 3d Woerden 14
JavaScript programming:
JavaScript programming 3d Leuven 26
3d Woerden 29
Perl programming: fundamentals course:
Perl programming: fundamentals course 3d Leuven 09
Perl DB access - ODBC:
Perl DB access - ODBC 1d   Contact ABIS
Using z/OS Assembler:
Using z/OS Assembler 5d High Wycombe 13
5d web based 10 20
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