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ABIS Training & Consulting was founded in 1984 in Belgium as an independent company within the Boerenbond group. At present ABIS is a privately-held company. The head office of ABIS is located in Leuven, Belgium. Since 1989, we have also been active in the Netherlands, Woerden (near Utrecht).



ABIS Training & Consulting provides technological IT services, mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises.

These services are based on specialised ICT knowledge, which we wish to transfer to you, in the form of:

The scope of these services is based on:

  • a high-level of technical knowledge and expertise;
  • a profound commercial and technological relationship with our customers - enabling us to provide you with a high level of qualitative support for your core business processes.

Knowledge, knowledge development and knowledge transfer are our core business!

Knowledge domains

The IT-market is in constant evolution - and so are our customers. Numerous factors have contributed to an increase in IT complexity, resulting for most of our customers in a need to manage and maintain a wide range of platforms and applications.

As a knowledge provider, ABIS has to monitor this evolution very closely: the services we offer reflect this evolution. Practical on-site experience, technical and strategic conferences and professional literature allow us to always stay in touch with market evolutions.

We offer training and consultancy within the following domains: Application development, Infrastructure, Database integration, Data Analysis & Data Science, Knowledge and skill management.


Application development

We focus on object oriented analysis and design. and we concentrate on the development and possible interaction of reusable components: webservices and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Available technologies and topics:

  • Analysis and design: Functional Analysis and Design, Object Oriented analysis and design, UML, TOGAF
  • Programming: Java (we offer a complete curriculum, with both Java SE and JAVA EE architecture and development and various frameworks), COBOL, PL/I, Python, Perl, C, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, XML
  • SOA, Web Services, REST
  • Web Applications
  • Integration with databases (Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Db2, IMS) and middleware (WebSphere, MQ)
  • Testing: ISTQB, Agile Testing, TMap
  • Managing the application development lifecycle: Agile, Scrum, PRINCE2®
  • Tools: Eclipse, Rational Application Developer (RAD), IDz, git


ABIS has always maintained a focus on mainframe related knowledge domains: z/OS, Db2 and IMS, transaction servers and application development. We are proud to be considered true specialists in this domain. We emphasise on 'z/OS enterprise server' as an application development platform, with Db2 as its main database platform.

Besides z/OS, we focus on UNIX and Linux Operating Systems, and various other database backends (see Database integration).

Relevant knowledge domains:

  • z/OS-based technologies: z/OS, USS, Db2, IMS/DM, TSO, CICS/TS, IMS/TM, COBOL, PL/I, REXX, and also IBM Developer for System z (IDz)
  • Linux and UNIX
  • Databases and Big Data Infrastructure (see Database integration)
  • Websphere Application Server
  • IBM MQ
  • Networking and Internet
  • Security: CISM, Ethical Hacking
  • ITIL

Database integration

In order to use scarce resources efficiently, database administrators are expected to manage more than just one database. Therefore, they need to know how these database systems relate, differ, operate. ABIS has readily available know-how on numerous platforms such as Db2, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, ... We offer in-depth training as well as 'delta' courses!

Available technologies and topics:

  • Databases: Db2 for z/OS, Db2 for LUW, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, IMS
  • Big data technologies: Hadoop, Spark
  • DBA coaching, DBMS management tools
  • SQL and SQL performance tuning
  • PL/SQL, SQL PL, integrating databases and applications

Our added value:

  • in-depth and consistent knowledge of the database design process;
  • detailed knowledge of the each database and the application development process on this database;
  • ability to accurately compare the different database systems;
  • integration of different systems and integration with z/OS-based systems.

Data Analysis & Data Science

Available technologies and topics:

  • Analytical programming: Python, R, Scala, SAS, SQL
  • AI and Machine Learning: Statistics and statistical modelling, R, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras
  • Data Intelligence architectures and data pipelines: Databases (Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Db2, IMS), Data Warehousing, Big Data Infrastructure (Hadoop, Spark)
  • Tools: Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, Zeppelin, Rstudio, ...

Knowledge and skill management

  • Skill management and practical training organisation;
  • Identifying training needs;
  • Building course tracks, evaluating participants ...;
  • Individual training plans.


Knowledge, knowledge development and knowledge transfer through training, coaching or consulting are our core business. It is reflected in the way we've set up our internal structure and organisation. And it is the basis on which all our business processes have been developed.

From the beginning, we have always focused on the specific needs of the IT-professional: a specialist who has to develop and maintain application systems in complex environments. Reliability, security, availability and effectiveness are crucial. Hence our emphasis on the requirements imposed by 'enterprise-based computing' and on the need to continuously integrate separate systems across several platforms. We are not tied to a specific vendor, and offer you independent advice, best-suited to your needs.

We always focus on what is essential, on your issues; try to answer your questions. You can expect an honest reply: if we can help you, we will do so with enthusiasm and professionalism; if we can't offer an adequate solution, we will try to assist you as much as we can. No nonsense!

It is only obvious that we do so business in a social, sustainable, environmentally-aware and ethical way. That is why ABIS has been positively evaluated by EcoVadis for its Corporate Social Responsibility (find out more in our Corporate Responsibility Policy).

Quality of Service

  • The quality of our organisation

ABIS is structured with knowledge development, knowledge transfer and quality of service in mind, on all levels of the organisation: technical and administrative. We employ full-time trainers, develop our own course materials and we have a dedicated technical infrastructure. We're frequently praised for our timely and efficient administrative support, for our prompt and adequate answers to any of your questions, for our flexibility in tailoring offers to your needs.

  • The quality of what we offer

Thanks to frequent discussions with partners and other experts, all our services focus on core issues. At regular intervals of the development process of a course, application of ABIS standards and alignment with specified course objectives is verified. When running a training, both participants and instructors are required to offer their comments on a course, with continuous improvement in mind. In the case of in-company training sessions, this feedback is shared and discussed with our clients.

  • The quality of our staff

The members of our Staff are full-time employed by the company. They have a scientific background, and years worth of technical IT experience. They have a thorough knowledge about the products and methods they specialise in. This knowledge is complemented with practical experience, acquired during internal and external projects. This experience is at the basis of the consulting activities of ABIS. On top of that, our people have a passion for teaching: they are able to pass on any complex technical subject in a clear and concise manner.

All ABIS collaborators are specialists and generalists:

  • Specialists, because they have an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of products, techniques and methodologies relevant within their field of expertise. They are able to effectively assist you in solving company-specific technical problems and issues. On a number of subjects, our staff members are recognised industry-wide as experts - for example, in the field of database management and performance. They are often welcomed as speakers on technical conferences.
    Instructors are, where appropriate, certified, by prestigious vendors and institutes, such as Oracle, IBM, LPI, Microsoft, OMG ...
  • And they are generalists. They have the ability to consider a specific technical issue within a broader, more 'global' context. This requires them to keep track of important evolution in related areas; and to have an idea as to how IT will evolve.

All of these factors assure our 'quality of service'. That is why our consulting services are considered of exceptional quality and our courses are always much appreciated: they increase participant independence, are practical in nature, and focus on what has been proven 'essential'.


You cannot be a specialist in everything. That is why, in addition to our own knowledge base, we have a trusted network of carefully selected Partners. Most of them have been cooperating with us for many years, and we can vouch for the excellent quality of their work.

At your Service!

The ABIS account managers are at your disposal! Their technical experience and background, as well as their knowledge of a number of your business processes offer a large number of advantages. In consultation with our and your technical experts, they are able to explain how ABIS can help you - or why we can't.

  • We can offer advice on courses to be followed, as well as on course content;
  • We can offer advice as to what training method to use - based on your requirements, planning and timing;
  • We can offer advice on course tracks, device course tracks based on different training methods.

Additional services, available upon request:

  • intake of candidates on large tracks;
  • evaluation of candidates/participants;
  • overall project management for larger training projects - conversion/migration projects, starter projects, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Account managers:
  • Arnout Veugelen (BE) +32-16-245610
  • Kris Van Thillo (NL) +31-348-413663