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Introducing domain 'Java'



A simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture-neutral, portable, multi threaded, dynamic, buzzword-compliant, general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995.

(Source: Webster's Dictionary of Computing)


Application development based on Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

New, internet driven application development paradigms are typically based on the object-oriented development model. Java and Java EE play an important part in this context. The Java EE development platform, and its components, are typically used in all major new current system development projects.

Focus on Java and on object oriented development environments is one thing - focus on development tools another. Besides the Rational/Eclipse IDE, we also support the use of customer specific IDEs as well. In most of our discussions, the Java EE architecture plays an important role. Over and over again, we focus on design of and integration with (z/OS) back-end applications and data bases. Our added value!

Core competencies

For more than 15 years, ABIS has been focusing on Java - Java programming courses have been on our program ever since! ABIS has never stressed Java syntax, or other typical programming details - on the contrary, our focus has always been to provide for a sound and effective object oriented framework (the foundations) on which to built Java applications. Practical experience and 'best-practices' are important. An overview of some of our main key points of interest:

Given the importance of Java and Java EE, ABIS provides all expertise you require. Developer, architect, administrator - you will find all required - even conceptual - knowledge you desire and need. With respect to object orientation, Java and Java EE application development!

ABIS clearly focuses on the Rational/Eclipse IDE - the IBM link to the WebSphere infrastructure. However, other IDE's are part of our standard toolset as well.

All major techniques available for integration of these new application paradigms with existing back-end applications and data bases are typically known to ABIS. Based on the use of messaging techniques (WebSphere MQ) as well as on the use of the Java-specific connector architecture.


By means of the ABIS course hand-outs and based on practical experience, our participants and course leaders have already taking the following certificates (details - see Certification matrix 'Java'):

Course leaders

Guido Indesteege, Responsible for the Java domain.

Training methods


Classroom instruction


Individual training


Please find an overview of the standard trainings in this borchure.
On-site trainings are available.

Available as individual trainings.




Set-up and implementation of on-site Java projects.