Patterns in Java

Patterns (such as the famous GoF Design Patterns) are essential if you want to develop reliable and maintainable software according to the proven OO principles. To start with, patterns are frequently incorporated in existing frameworks, programming languages and class libraries: if you understand patterns, you will use these programming resources more efficiently. In addition to that, being able to recognize problem situations and to actively apply patterns to them is the key to a more robust design.

This course explains what patterns are, and gives a detailed discussion of the most common design patterns (the problem, the solution, the motivation, the usage examples). and their (subtle) relations and differences. We apply these patterns in an integrated Java exercise.


18 Dec2web based 1310 EUR (excl. VAT)
18 Dec2Leuven 1310 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Java programmers that want to apply patterns in the development of their programs.


Students should have a good basic knowledge of Java SE (cf. Java programming). Familiarity with OOAD and UML principles (cf. OO analysis and design with UML) is a plus.

Main topics

  • What are patterns and why are they used?
  • Software patterns (GRASP, Analysis Patterns, GoF Patterns, Java EE Patterns, MVC, ...)
  • Common design patterns in detail (Strategy, Observer, Decorator, Chain-of-Responsibility, Factory Method, and many others...), applied in Java
  • Patterns in architecture and frameworks, SOA patterns
  • Recognizing patterns
  • Patterns and performance
  • Application samples

Training method

Theory alternated with practical examples. A large amount of time will be spent on applying the 10 most common patterns using an integrated exercise.


2 days.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx.


La formatrice nous laisse le temps de faire les exercices et répond aux questions.

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Seule une partie du cours a été vue, en partie parce que les temps laissés à la réalisation des exercices étaient trop longs.

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zeer goed

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