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Db2 for z/OS fundamentals course

This course presents a detailed description of the Db2 system on z/OS: what it is, what it is intended for, and how it can be used. Rather than just giving a description of the system, the course will also deal with how it relates to other RDBMS, and topics like the Db2 catalog, performance, authorisations, and integrity.

In addition, the course teaches how the system is used in practice. At the end of the course the participants will not only have the necessary theoretical knowledge of Db2 as an RDBMS, they will also have had sufficient practical training to start working with Db2 in an independent way.

Together with the course SQL and relational databases fundamentals, this course forms a well-balanced whole, in such a manner that the participants have a 'complete overview' of Db2 as RDBMS after having followed this course.


datedur.lang.  location  price
24 Sep3ELeuven  (BE)1425 EUR  (excl. VAT) 
12 Nov3NWoerden  (NL)1425 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 

Intended for

Analysts, programmers, and database administrators who will be using Db2; and anybody wanting to gain a thorough knowledge of a relational database system. You can test for yourself to see if this course contains enough new information for you by filling out the on-line self-testthe on-line self-test.


The participants must have insight in relational database systems and they must be able to write SQL select statements. This means, knowledge on the level of the course SQL and relational databases fundamentals, courses who precede this course. You can test for yourself to see if you have enough background by filling out the online self-test.

Some knowledge of ISPF/PDF (cf. course ISPF/PDF basics) and of COBOL, PL/I, or SQL PL (cf. courses COBOL programming - part 1, PL/I programming: fundamentals course, or SQL PL database programming) is advisable.

Main topics

Training method

Classroom instruction with exercises (about 50% of the time).


3 days.

Course leader

Peter Vanroose, Kris Van Thillo.

Global score

4.1/5 (based on 269 evaluations)


Goede cursus: heel leerrijk en goed qua niveau. Wel iets te kort om te kunnen stilstaan bij de BETEKENIS van alles achter wat er gecodeerd wordt en de compile- en runfiles, voor een leek als mezelf. (, )
Bon cours, un peu plus difficile à suivre que les autres car moins illustré par des exemples pratiques mais tout de même fort utile (, )
Goede grondige cursus (, )
goede algemene oefeningen die starten van dezelfde basis (, )
Je suis satisfait de ce cours. (, )
Goede verhouding theorie/praktijk, duidelijke uitleg. (, )
Prettig en inzicht gevend. (, )
Le cours est très bien structuré. (, )
Zeer Goed. (, )
Mon apprécition est excellente, ceci, grace à la qualité de dispense de la matière par le formateur (, )

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