JavaScript programming

This course covers the use of client-side JavaScript, using a browser of your choice (Firefox, Google Chrome, ...). Following this approach, the programming possibilities of JavaScript, a relatively simple, object-oriented programming language, are brought into practice.

The syntax and coding of JavaScript blocks are the main subjects of this course. Interaction with the user as well as the browser are its strong points. Generating control structures such as 'if ... then' and loops (while, for ... in) in JavaScript, as well as using a variety of buttons, offer procedural functionality.

The course deals with definitions such as objects, properties and methods in a structured manner. It discusses Built-in objects, Windows, Forms, ... in more detail. To this end, the Document Object Model (DOM) of the web page will be discussed as well.

Finally, we will be manipulating cookies by using JavaScript.

After attending this course, the participant will be capable of embellishing a website with JavaScript, e.g. to implement field checks in forms. He/she will have acquired a good working knowledge of the basic concepts of JavaScript in relation to HTML. Additionally, knowledge of the object model of JavaScript will have been obtained.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested? Please contact ABIS.

Intended for

This course is intended for anyone who wants to design and maintain websites.


Some programming experience is required (see course Programming fundamentals). Basic knowledge of HTML is assumed (see course HTML5).

Main topics

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • What is JavaScript?
  • History
  • Client Side JavaScript (in contrast to Server Side JavaScript or PHP)
  • Relationship with other internet related programming languages (e.g. Java)
  • Syntax
  • Storing data
  • Statements
  • Program Flow
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Input and Output
  • Document Object Model (DOM) and Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • Description and structure
  • Properties and available Methods
  • Events and Event Handlers
  • Windows
  • The Window Object
  • Working with multiple windows, frames, pop-up windows
  • Text manipulation, and working with date and time
  • The String Object
  • Operating on text fragments; regular expressions
  • World time; timers in web pages
  • Forms
  • The Form Object
  • Types of forms
  • Form display techniques
  • Validation
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Description
  • Manipulation of the Document Object Model
  • Accessing and modifying HTML Attributes
  • Plug-ins (browser specific), e.g. for parsing XML or for audio and photo/video
  • Privacy and Cookies
  • Privacy: how does the browser protect itself against aggressive JavaScript?
  • Creating cookies and manipulating their content
  • JSON and jQuery
  • How to work with JSON in JavaScript
  • Introduction to jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Internet Resources
  • Scripts on the internet to (re)use
  • Tips and tricks

Training method

Class training with individual guidance alternated with exercises for which ample time will be available. Each student receives an English course book and disposes of an individual workstation.


3 days.

Course leader

Bart Lemarcq, Peter Vanroose.


perfecte training maar geen beginnerstraining - snel de diepte in

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het niveau is te hoog vergeleken met wat er gevraagd wordt - theorie was voor mij moeilijk te volgen

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Nice course, appreciated being able to experiment in my own pace

  (, )

The course is well presented, good materials, the instructor is well versed in the subject

  (, )

goede cursus om basis te leren en te weten wat er bestaat. Oefening vereist om alles onder de knie te krijgen

  (, )

goed gestructureerd

  (, )

Het was een interessante cursus, die degelijk gegeven werd.

  (, )

goede cursus, veel informatie op korte tijd, soms te veel

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goede docent, kennis OK, presentatie zeer OK. Ik mis wat structuur bij momenten, cursus zou hierbij helpen

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