JavaScript programming

This course covers the main programming possibilities for client-side JavaScript, based on the ECMAscript standard. After an introduction on the syntax and coding instructions of JavaScript blocks, we delve into variables, types and handling objects, properties and methods. Usage of core JavaScript objects like String, Date, Array, ... is discussed in more detail.

The course explains as well how JavaScript accesses the browser via the Browser Object Model (BOM), and more specific the browser page or document via the Document Object Model (DOM). Manipulation of the DOM, based on the event model, for validation and data preparation, will be the first step for interaction with a backend system.

Coding, testing and debugging JavaScript features will be illustrated for different environments. Some common JavaScript frameworks and libraries will be positioned as well.

After attending this course, the participant will be capable of embellishing a website with JavaScript, e.g. to implement field validation in forms. He/she will have acquired a good working knowledge of the basic concepts of JavaScript in relation to HTML.


15 May3Leuven 1710 EUR (excl. VAT)
15 May3web based 1710 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

This course is intended for anyone who wants to design and maintain websites.


Some programming experience is required (see course Programming fundamentals). Basic knowledge of HTML is assumed (see course HTML and CSS).

Main topics

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • what is JavaScript?
  • history and standardisation
  • setup of development and runtime environment for client side JavaScript
  • Syntax and program structure
  • storing data: data types and variables
  • operations, instructions and program flow
  • functions and scope
  • objects: String, Array, Date, Math, ... custom objects
  • Text manipulation, and working with date and time
  • objects String, Date, Time
  • regular expressions
  • timers
  • Browser Object Model (BOM) and Document Object Model (DOM)
  • description and structure
  • events and event handlers
  • DOM manipulation
  • HTML Forms
  • access to form
  • user interaction and validation
  • Data storage
  • cookies - web storage (local/session)
  • JSON objects vs JavaScript objects
  • Debugging
  • common mistakes
  • tips and tricks for testing and debugging
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Training method

Class room training to explain and demonstrate the concepts and possibilities, alternated with a lot of exercises to get practical experience. Each student receives an English course book and disposes of an individual workstation.


3 days.

Course leader

Peter Vanroose.

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