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Introducing domain 'Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows'


Db2 for LUW - Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

IBM's Db2 product for the UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. It is available from PCs to high-end servers. Technically, today, Db2 for LUW can be considered to be an object-relational database.

(Source: Webster's Dictionary of Computing)


A major part of corporate data today is stored in Db2 for z/OS databases. This obviously does not mean we should loose track of other relational databases - and the possibilities they offer!

Db2 for LUW is the obvious partner for Db2 for z/OS. For users as well as developers, from a logical point of view, both systems share a number of common properties. Yet users of the Db2 for LUW platform typically require very specific characteristics to be met! Characteristics for which a Db2 for z/OS is not required; or even imposed by vendors of packaged applications or ERP. And frequently, if a Db2 for z/OS is available, synchronization with this database is an additional issue to be considered.

ABIS can help you - our practical knowledge of both platforms is your added value!

Core competencies

ABIS specifically focusses on these topics related to Db2 for LUW we consider as our core competencies, of special interest to our customers.

Given the importance of Db2 for LUW, ABIS provides all required expertise for an efficient handling of relevant Db2 for LUW issues. Developer, architect, systems manager, administrator - you will find all required - even conceptual - knowledge you desire and need.

We focus on the Db2 system - management, configuration, performance. Application development - with the exception of Java - is of lesser importance.

Given our experience with a multitude of relational database systems, we are able to effectively point out differences that exist between distinct systems - for example, between Db2 for z/OS and Db2 for LUW. Experts on one platform can therefore migrate to a second platform in a very efficient fashion.

Db2 and its relationship with related systems - other relational databases, MQSeries, WebSphere application server, Java and/or .Net... Technological interrelationships available to ABIS. Obviously, we also offer all technical and practical experience to setup, configure and use links between Db2 systems on multiple platforms!


By means of the ABIS course hand-outs and based on practical experience, our participants and course leaders have already taking the following certificates (details - see Certification matrix 'Db2 for LUW'):

Course leaders

Koen De Backer, responsible for the Db2 for LUW domain.

Training methods


Classroom instruction


Indivodual training


Please find an overview of the standard trainings in this borchure.
On-site trainings are availble.

Available as individual trainings.


Set-up of a Db2 for LUW system and DB2 Connect.

Set-up replication with z/OS.


Several projects/consulting taks can be offered by ABIS:
°) tuning of a Db2 system - configuration of relevant parameters
°) set-up of a replication Db2 for LUW - Db2 for z/OS - Oracle - methodology