z/OS application development with IDz (RDz)

During this training, you learn how to use IDz (IBM Developer for zSystems). Traditional mainframe application development for batch applications or on-line transactions has been done for decades using the TSO/ISPF environment. IBM's IDz (previously named RDz - Rational Developer for zSystems) facilitates the development process by offering a complete integrated workbench for coding, testing and debugging these applications. The development will be done locally, but at any stage with a connection to the remote z/OS.

In this course, participants learn:

  • to use IDz for the development of traditional well structured batch or online mainframe oriented applications, written in COBOL or PL/I;
  • to test and debug these applications efficiently, using the integrated debugger and zUnit;
  • to know the possibilities for integrating z/OS applications, using database access (Db2);
  • to manage and deploy the applications on the z/OS.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested? Please let us know.

Intended for

Application programmers who are going to develop online and/or batch applications using the IDz COBOL and/or PL/I features.


The students should be experienced in COBOL (see COBOL programming - part 1) or PL/I (see PL/I programming: fundamentals course). Some basic knowledge of Db2 and of CICS is an advantage.

Main topics

  • IDz workbench as Integrated Development Environment
  • basic Eclipse concepts: navigation in the workbench • perspectives • views • editors
  • resource manipulations • searching • comparing • local history • import and export
  • z/OS development
  • IDz features/perspectives for z/OS projects
  • z/OS connection • preparation of datasets (filter, mapping, property groups)
  • COBOL / PL/I editor (code assist, templates, snippets)
  • JCL editor and job submission • spool monitor
  • dataset utilities
  • Debugging
  • preparation (compile • JCL)
  • integrated debugger for source code debugging (views: debug • breakpoint • variable • monitor)
  • zUnit framework
  • z/OS project organisation
  • MVS subprojects
  • property group customisation
  • deployment of applications
  • Data base development
  • data source explorer
  • data projects (SQL query build and test)
  • stored procedures (SQL PL, COBOL, PL/I)
  • database applications
  • CICS applications
  • using CICS facilities (EXEC CICS)
  • BMS editor
  • CICS integrated debugging

Training method

Theory is kept to a minimum. The participant spends most of the time developing and testing COBOL (or PL/I) applications interactively using IDz.


2 days.

Course leader

Peter Vanroose.


Deze cursus werd op afstand gegeven. Er was er veel verlies van tijd door het aanmelden. Ook moesten er nog veel zaken eerst geconfigureerd worden. Ook dat was tijdrovend en kan misschien reeds op voorhand worden ingesteld?

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Bonne (en détails : c'était un cours débutant IdZ, j'ai appris "sur le tas" cette dernière année, je voulais voir les bases, le cours convient pour ça)

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Complèt et bien expliquer

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