SOA & web services concepts

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is nowadays the main architectural style for business applications. It promotes loose coupling and interoperability, so that end-to-end business applications can easily be built from a set of business-aligned services. (SOAP) Web services and REST APIs are the most common implementations of these SOA ideas.

In this course participants get an overview of SOA principles: the concepts, the standards, the products and implementations. The evolution from the (classic) SOAP web services to REST APIs and microservices will be discussed.


30 Apr1Leuven 525 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Analysts, application developers, database administrators or project leaders wanting to situate SOA and web services.


A general knowledge about internet and XML (see XML concepts) is required.

Main topics

  • Introduction to Application Development and Services
  • Application development and distributed computing
  • Evolutions in program design; exchanging messages
  • Webservices and SOA basics; overview of XML; standards and standard bodies
  • RESTful services and APIs basics
  • Classic Web services with SOAP and WSDL
  • SOA security concerns
  • RESTful services and APIs
  • Alternative to SOAP/XML: REST and JSON; Microservices
  • Describing and discovering RESTful services / APIs
  • RESTful security
  • Implementing web services
  • Tools and Platforms; some Java examples
  • SOA in the Enterprise
  • Service Delivery Lifecycle; SOA design patterns
  • SOA governance and policies
  • Organizing the traffic with ESB
  • Orchestration and choreography
  • business processes; BPEL
  • WS-coordination

Training method

Classroom instruction and demonstrations.


1 day.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx, Guido Indesteege.


3.5/5 (based on 35 evaluations; the most recent ones are shown below)

Bon cours pour des Web services (Introduction + Technique). Le professeur connait bien les web services et explique bien cette partie. Vue global le matin concernant les WS et concept global SOA.

  (, )

I appreciate, it was a good course

  (, )

Too short - 1 day

  (, )

It's a good high level course; it should last 2 days and have more explanation on the XML schemes and properties

  (, )

OK qua opleiding XML + concepten SOA. Wat meer praktijkgericht. Bv. SOAPUI of design zou meerwaarde bieden

  (, )

Goed, maar soms high level. Liever cursus over 2 dagen en wat dieper ingaan op alles

  (, )

beantwoordt aan noden

  (, )

te veel info op 1 dag

  (, )

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cours très complexe lors d'une première approche

  (, )

cours intéreassant même si très rapide

  (, )

Cours intéressant mais trop intense/dense: trop de concept

  (, )

un cours difficile pour les gens ayant que un background mainframe

  (, )

Le contenu était très bon, mais la matière compliquée

  (, )

Très bonne maitrise de la part du prof

  (, )

très bien

  (, )

Assez soporifique, manque d'exemples, de matières concrètes

  (, )

Also interesting

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