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ABIS Infor - 2016-06

This newsletter (2016-06) contains the following topics:

After almost 20 years of Java presence in the IT world, and several new features added in subsequent versions, Java SE 8 presents a new milestone in the Java history. Although this version 8 was released already 2 years ago, a lot of current Java developers still await a good business case to upgrade, or a clear explanation of the new features like lambda expressions and streams. Read the article.

Lately, Big Data and Analytics have been particularly fashionable words in IT. New fashion comes with new terminology, and before you know it, you are at a loss for words. Thanks to our Big Data alphabet, this will no longer be the case. From now on, you will impress your boss and colleagues during meetings and coffee breaks.

In this edition we present part 1 (A–K). Read the article.

On the Internet, enormous amounts of (text) data can be found: undoubtedly very important and useful to do "something" with it, especially in the context of "business intelligence", if we don't want to miss anything essential. Only... the big volumes and the enormous diversity of this data make it extremely difficult to do meaningful Text Analytics. Maybe the programming language Perl offers an interesting added value in this context? Read the article.