ABIS Infor - 2012-04

ABIS and KLM: a narrow partnership!

Kris Van Thillo (ABIS) - 22 February 2012


ABIS interviews Hans Neesen, ICT Training Consultant at KLM about its partnership with ABIS.

A narrow partnership!

In recent years, the relation between KLM and ABIS has grown into a narrow partnership, focusing on the common objectives - objectives surpassing the mere commercial aspect. Of course, this partnership is based on the quality and the scope of the course offerings of ABIS, but the willingness of ABIS to flexibly handle the requirements of KLM is also essential

What is unique about ABIS? For instance the attention for both the professional ICT-er and the non ICT-er working in the IT department of KLM. For instance the fact that ABIS continuously adapts its courses to the specific needs of KLM.

The complete interview can be found here (in Dutch).