ABIS Infor - 2011-11

ABIS and vICTory-be: no-nonsense!

Kris Van Thillo (ABIS) - 04 November 2011


ABIS interviews Eddy Vos, vICTory-be - they discuss common core-business values, z/OS knowledge requirements, and the Mainframe Academy.


vICTory aims to provide its customers in both the Benelux and Germany, with highly qualified ICT personnel. A service built on a foundation of qualitative, open and transparent partnerships - with both customers and employees. Customer requirements and employee characteristics can thus be easily and effectively matched, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

A lot of attention is still paid to z/OS and mainframe technology - as z/OS is still the core of today's mission-critical enterprise infrastructure. Finding the right people for managing that infrastructure is however not obvious. Candidates should not only have in-depth z/OS knowledge, but also understand the context in which it is deployed and this, not merely from a technical point of view!

ABIS and vICTory initially developed a Mainframe Academy to accommodate for that need. It is based on a thorough discussion of the fundamentals of z/OS. Then, gradually, other technologies, like the infrastructure of which z/OS is typically a part, are introduced. If relevant, cross-platform management and/or development tools are treated as well.

Based on the success and the feedback of this first Academy, additional Academies were developed and implemented: a Mainframe Systems Academy, a Mainframe Testing Academy, and a Java Academy. Always with the same basic principles at its core.

The complete interview can be found here (in Dutch).