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Since 2009, ABIS has been organizing mainframe training courses for AG Insurance Young Pros: motivated students at ABIS receive a practical IT training at the start of their career at AG Insurance. Read the article.

  • The new Hadoop software stack - Peter Vanroose (ABIS)

Hadoop is an open source project that aims at providing a framework for large volume scalable & distributed data storage and computing. On top of this "base" framework, a number of additional open source products have been developed and are becoming very popular amongst Data Scientists. This set of tools is often called the "Hadoop Stack".

Since its initial release in 2006, Hadoop has been growing and evolving. And more importantly, the Hadoop Stack building blocks have drastically changed over time: some software products that were important and popular a few years ago have faded, while others entered the picture and some became so important that they currently are the real Hadoop! "front end"! Read the article.

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