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This newsletter (2022-01) contains the following topics:

  • News from ABIS

As of February 2022, we are proud to be able to implement Mentored workshops for Oracle and Java. A labs-based approach to extending participant technical and practical Oracle and Java expertise. Additionally, we included a new course into the Java domain, discussing the integration possibilities between JPA and Spring Boot. Please read more on what's new in 2022.

  • Clean Exception Handling in Spring Boot APIs - Sandy Schillebeeckx (ABIS) - 11 January 2022

Like in any other program, good exception handling is key when writing APIs. In this case, you don't only want to create readable code for the developers. It should also be clear for the users of the API what to expect when something is going wrong. In this article, we will focus on both aspects, using Spring Boot as the Java API framework.

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