ABIS Infor - 2011-06

Just another newsletter?

Paul Veugelen (ABIS) - 20 June 2011


Everyone is writing newsletters. So, why (not) ABIS? And what can you expect?

Why a newsletter?

Let us be frank. We want you to see us and above all to remember us in the moments you might need our services. We have brainstormed about different ways to achieve this: regular visits, regular phone calls, advertising, doing something bad to get us in the news, .... but we realised we are not so good in those things. So why not do something we are good in? And this is: explaining things, even difficult ones, in a clear and understandable way.

I hope we will achieve our goal and that you will have increased your knowledge of the world after reading our articles. But of course there is a lot more that we know and that you also might like to know. But for this, you have to come to our courses - which are not free any more, unlucky for you, but lucky for us.

What can you expect?

About once a month you can expect a new edition of this newsletter.

Each edition will contain a number of articles related to ICT or education, and we try to make it as diverse as possible. So in the coming months you can expect articles on Mainframe, Oracle, Application Development, XML, learning methodology, MySQL, TOGAF, UNIX, Java, Perl, .... and also on ABIS and special projects we have realised for our customers.

All these articles will also be available on our website.

In the first publication you find:

  • Gehinderd door teveel kennis ter zake (in Dutch)
  • ISPF - I like Such Powerful Feature
  • Enter Oracle spreadsheets (in Dutch)
  • XQuery vs. XSLT: battle or coexistence?

Interested to be informed about future publications?

If you want to receive the next publication, go to MyABIS and register yourself. In the section 'Your topics of interest' you can indicate that you wish to receive ABIS Infor. You can also send an e-mail to training@abis.be with subject 'ABIS Infor'.

I wish you good reading and I am very curious to know your reactions.