ABIS Infor - 2011-10

ABIS helps KBC with their ICT Academy

Kris Van Thillo (ABIS) - 08 October 2011


ABIS interviews Patrick Tulpin, ICT Training Consultant at KBC about their CT Academy.

The KBC ICT Academy

KBC Bank and Insurance is one of the biggest ICT employers in Belgium and has a constant need for new employees. They regularly engage masters in IT, but also masters without ICT background.who are however interested in ICT. The reason is that KBC also needs specialists in domains and technologies that get insufficient attention in today's regular training offerings at high schools and universities.

The KBC ICT Academy is aimed at this last group of employees and provides a complete and thorough ICT training for these people. ABIS organises and teaches the standard basic IT modules of the programme. Further elaboration and specialisation is done afterwards at KBC.

Although KBC has the knowledge and people to provide the standard basic modules, KBC prefers to transfer this task to ABIS. The added value of ABIS lies in the way of knowledge (transfer), the didactic approach and the experience with such integrated training tracks.

The complete interview can be found here (in Dutch).