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ABIS Infor - 2011-11

This newsletter (2011-11) contains the following topics:

The programming language Perl allows you to either use procedural logic only, or work in an object-oriented way. In this short technical note I'll try to sketch why one would choose for "Object-Oriented Perl" or not, and give an example of an OO program in Perl. Read the article.

In Oracle you can create objects. And in this case I don't mean tables or views or stuff like that. I am talking about real OBJECTS like in Java, C++,... How do you do this, and why would you bother? That is what I am going to explain to you in this article. Read the article.

Persisting Java objects to a relational database can be done in several ways: using the native JDBC API or working with a persistence framework, that avoids a lot of plumbing work and more over offers additional features like transactional support, security, caching, ... The chase for a good persistence framework is open. Read the article.

ABIS interviews Eddy Vos, vICTory-be - they discuss common core-business values, z/OS knowledge requirements, and the Mainframe Academy. Read the article.