IBM MQ administration for Linux, UNIX & Windows

On completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • plan a WebSphere MQ configuration;
  • install WebSphere MQ as a server, client, or both;
  • customize and administer a WebSphere MQ queue manager;
  • use WebSphere MQ tools for monitoring queue usage;
  • set up messaging channels and debug common channel problems;
  • define MQ client connection;
  • define criteria for deciding logging methods, file location and sizing;
  • recover from media failures;
  • set up and perform remote administration;
  • explain the benefits of queue manager clusters, and create them.


09 Jul3Eweb based 2055 EUR (excl. VAT)
03 Sep3Eweb based 2055 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Those who will administer WebSphere MQ queue managers on WebSphere MQ for Windows NT/2000, AIX/6000, Oracle Solaris, Linux and other distributed platforms, or those who already do so and wish to update their skills.


A conceptual knowledge of WebSphere MQ, such as might be gained from the course IBM MQ fundamentals course, plus six months' practical experience familiarity with MQSeries.

Main topics

  • WebSphere MQ overview (in UK only: complete introduction to WebSphere MQ)

The messaging model; queues and queue managers; clients and client channels; distributed queuing and messaging channels; clusters; Shared Queues; application programming interfaces (MQI and AMI)

  • WebSphere MQ installation and configuration

Pre-reqs and installable services; product installation; creating queue managers; creating queues; defining channels and client connections; setting triggers

  • Using WebSphere MQ administration tools

MQSeries Explorer; Services Snap-in; clients and client channels; Windows Services and Event Logging

  • Distributed queuing with WebSphere MQ

Remote queues and transmission queues; setting up, operating and testing MQ channels; debugging common channel problems

  • Logging and recovery

Circular logs v linear logs; recovery operations

  • WebSphere MQ clusters:

Benefits of clustering; Setup

  • Remote administration

MQSeries command processor; web administration


3 days.

Course leader

Koen De Backer, RSM Technology.