Oracle fundamentals course

This course:

  • gives an overview of the Oracle RDBMS architecture;
  • examines the physical and logical Oracle objects, and their relationship;
  • describes the general and syntactical characteristics of the Oracle RDBMS: security, locking, utilities;
  • gives some basic rules concerning application performance.


18 Dec3Leuven 1710 EUR (excl. VAT)
18 Dec3web based 1710 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Analysts, programmers and database administrators who are going to use Oracle. Everybody who wants a thorough overview of the Oracle RDBMS.


General knowledge of informatics and some familiarity with database systems and SQL (see course SQL and relational databases fundamentals). You can test for yourself to see if you have enough background by filling out the online self-test.

Main topics

  • Oracle architecture:
  • Oracle instance and Oracle database • Oracle Client/server architecture
  • Data definition and Oracle Objects:
  • Oracle logical object structure • link with physical structure • DDL statements
  • Application development:
  • overview 3GL and 4GL
  • Catalog:
  • catalog • performance tables
  • Security concepts:
  • type privileges • roles
  • Basic utilities:
  • export/import • loader • scenarios
  • Locking:
  • lock types • vVersioning'
  • Performance and Tuning:
  • explain utility

Training method

Classroom instruction with practical exercises.


3 days. This course can be extended with the module 3GL application development (day 4).

Course leader

Koen De Backer, Sandy Schillebeeckx, Kris Van Thillo.


4.3/5 (based on 24 evaluations; the most recent ones are shown below)

The mastery of the trainer is very good

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I liked the entry level; the course content was not too complex or too easy.

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Trainers patience and involvement

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I found the course excellent.

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Inhoud en vorm waren zeker OK. Ook geweldig goed gegeven door de instructeur

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Goed basis overzicht van Oracle

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Zoals altijd een goede cursus van Abis.

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Gives a GOOD overview on Oracle (DB) fundamentals!

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Veel geleerd, was goed te volgen

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