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These courses will run shortly:

A new Mentored workshop training...

We have been offering mentored workshop training -- a labs-based approach to extending participant technical and practical expertise -- as of the start of 2022. In the beginning, Oracle and Java were at the core of our offering. Today, Python basics is available as well!

New training topics

Within the Java domain, we included a new Java SE upgrade course discussing all new features in Java SE since Java SE 8; upto and including Java SE 17. Furthermore, our Java certification training offering will shortly include a Java SE17 developer certification track!

Curriculum - Java

Within the Cloud space, we continue to offer a number of introductory and intermediate courses. We renewed our introduction The Cloud demystified and offer several Microsoft Azure and AWS courses (and certification), in cooperation with our partner Fast Lane Benelux. We primarily focus on training related to infrastructure and data, but we can help with other training within this field as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in other cloud training, or when you are considering tailored training solutions.

Curriculum - AWS and Microsoft Azure

We now also offer a number of VMWare, Networking and Cisco courses (including certification). Training can be set up at any location in Belgium (and the Netherlands); or organised remotely.

As demand for security related training - in its broadest context - increases, so does our offering, in cooperation with Security Academy. Security, Crisis management, Ethical Hacking, ... courses are available in Belgium and The Netherlands. Certification is available when relevant.

Curriculum - Security

You must have read these remarkable articles....

Honestly? We do not care whether it is an old programming language or the Latin of programming. It simply is the core programming language with which a lot of enterprise strength (financial and other) applications still extremely crucial today have been developed. Often running on crucial mainframe zOS platforms. Applications and platforms that need to be maintained.

Since the implementation of modern mainframe infrastructures, and the introduction of Db2 and IMS, ABIS has been -- is -- consistently offering training tracks preparing IT staff - for example on mainframe platforms - for their responsibilities as COBOL, PLI, ... developers. Our standard offering can be tailored to your specific needs, considering your specific IT platform, using the tools (IDEs) you acquired.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information - for a solution tailored to your specific needs!
In the mean time, please check:

Introduction to IT - Introductory training

As Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Analysis (DA) become more important, and as the toolset based upon these more mainstream than ever, the need to introduce non-professional/technical IT staff to IT related concepts increases as well. ABIS has been offering for a long time a number of introductory courses extremely relevant in this context.

Courses are available off the shelf; or can be customised to your specific needs. These are furthermore available in English, Dutch and French!

Focusing on Db2 for LUW

The coming months, in cooperation with Klaas Brant (KBCE), an IBM Champion, we organise two exclusive DBA level courses.

In a number of afternoon sessions (approx. 3+ hours, Microsoft Teams, English language), every student will learn specific DBA skills. With each session, each student gets several assignments that must be completed in their own time. Each assignment will take approx. 2-3 hours to complete. A Db2 on Linux environment is provided during, and four weeks after the training. No special Linux knowledge is needed, and all exercises apply to any platform Db2 runs on.

More information? Please contact us, and check:

Talent Schooling IT Infrastructure track

Freshly graduated IT students often lack practical industry recognised knowledge and expertise. They lack experience within the context of modern operating systems, networking infrastructures, cloud, virtualisation, and scripting.

ABIS, together with its partner Fast Lane Benelux, offers a Talent Schooling IT Infrastructure track to deal with this issue.

In short:

  • This track covers: Linux, Networking (Cisco), Virtualisation (VMWare), Python, Cloud (Azure or AWS)
  • Duration/elapsed time: 40 weeks, 1 day training per week
  • Publicly planned; tailored for in company
  • Official certificates can be obtained

More information? Please contact us!

Other tracks can be set-up as well, of course. Please let us know your specific requirements!