A few examples of projects we did are given below. Contact us for a more exhaustive and detailed list of references.

ABIS and AG Insurance - Training for IT Young Pros

Mainframe technology continues to play an important role in the Banking and Insurance world. AG Insurance regularly needs new employees to replace colleagues who are retiring and to support new business projects. After a recruitment process, the selected candidates follow a practice-oriented mainframe program at ABIS. During this training, the specific development environment of AG Insurance is taken into account.

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Staffing at the Belgian Pension Administration

The Belgian Pension Administration wanted to attract new work force for the further development of Following a public tender, the assignment was awarded to IRIS, who looked for suitable candidates. After many interviews and thorough tests, 3 people were eventually selected. They had to have a good basic knowledge of Java and, moreover, be familiar with the Vaadin framework. Based on successful collaborations in the past, IRIS chose resolutely for ABIS to train these juniors. After an intensive training track of 33 days, they were ready for their first working day at the Pension Administration.

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ABIS and APG: to certify or not

In some areas of technical ICT, APG decided some time ago to have its staff members certified. Obviously, because certification demonstrates professionalism. But also because it allows APG to stress the fact that both company and employees themselves are jointly responsible for employee evolution, including evolution within the area of ICT. It is something in which company and employees need to invest together.

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ABIS and KLM: a close partnership!

In recent years, the relation between KLM and ABIS has grown into a narrow partnership, focusing on the common objectives - objectives surpassing the mere commercial aspect. Of course, this partnership is based on the quality and the scope of the course offerings of ABIS, but the willingness of ABIS to flexibly handle the requirements of KLM is also essential

What is unique about ABIS? For instance the attention for both the professional ICT-er and the non ICT-er working in the IT department of KLM. For instance the fact that ABIS continuously adapts its courses to the specific needs of KLM.

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ABIS and vICTory-be: no-nonsense!

vICTory aims to provide its customers in both the Benelux and Germany, with highly qualified ICT personnel. A service built on a foundation of qualitative, open and transparent partnerships - with both customers and employees. Customer requirements and employee characteristics can thus be easily and effectively matched, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

A lot of attention is still paid to z/OS and mainframe technology - as z/OS is still the core of today's mission-critical enterprise infrastructure. Finding the right people for managing that infrastructure is however not obvious. Candidates should not only have in-depth z/OS knowledge, but also understand the context in which it is deployed and this, not merely from a technical point of view!

ABIS and vICTory initially developed a Mainframe Academy to accommodate for that need. It is based on a thorough discussion of the fundamentals of z/OS. Then, gradually, other technologies, like the infrastructure of which z/OS is typically a part, are introduced. If relevant, cross-platform management and/or development tools are treated as well.

Based on the success and the feedback of this first Academy, additional Academies were developed and implemented: a Mainframe Systems Academy, a Mainframe Testing Academy, and a Java Academy. Always with the same basic principles at its core.

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ABIS helps KBC with their ICT Academy

KBC Bank and Insurance is one of the biggest ICT employers in Belgium and has a constant need for new employees. They regularly engage masters in IT, but also masters without ICT background.who are however interested in ICT. The reason is that KBC also needs specialists in domains and technologies that get insufficient attention in today's regular training offerings at high schools and universities.

The KBC ICT Academy is aimed at this last group of employees and provides a complete and thorough ICT training for these people. ABIS organises and teaches the standard basic IT modules of the programme. Further elaboration and specialisation is done afterwards at KBC.

Although KBC has the knowledge and people to provide the standard basic modules, KBC prefers to transfer this task to ABIS. The added value of ABIS lies in the way of knowledge (transfer), the didactic approach and the experience with such integrated training tracks.

The complete interview can be found here (in Dutch).