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z/OS UNIX System Services part 2 - configuration & implementation

This course follows on from the course z/OS UNIX System Services part 1 - concepts & facilities. It teaches the skills needed to install, configure and implement UNIX System Services in a z/OS environment. The course goes on to describe and explain how to manage the new environment efficiently and effectively.

On successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • plan the installation and implementation of USS
  • implement USS
  • customize USS
  • maintain the HFS environment
  • describe the constraints on USS
  • apply RACF security to the environment
  • manage a USS environment.


16 dec3Eweb based 1815 EUR (excl. BTW)
26 feb3Eweb based 1860 EUR (excl. BTW)
22 apr3EHigh Wycombe 1550 GBP (excl. BTW)
10 jun3Eweb based 1860 EUR (excl. BTW)

Intended for

Experienced mainframe technicians working in a z/OS USS environment.


Attendees should have attended the RSM course z/OS UNIX System Services Concepts & Facilities, or have equivalent experience. (see z/OS UNIX System Services part 1 - concepts & facilities).

Main topics

  • UNIX installation

Steps to install UNIX; modes of running z/OS UNIX; minimum, sockets-only and maximum mode; overview of security preparations; create root file system; controlling services with BPXPRMxx parmlib member; JCL procedures; BPXOINIT and BPXAS; starting UNIX services; initial file system structure.

  • z/FS file systems

z/FS File System Aggregates; z/FS parameter file; zfsadm shell command; zFS commands & utilities; zFS Colony Address Space; allocating zFS Aggregates; formatting zFS Aggregates; attaching zFS Aggregates; mounting zFS file systems.

  • Hierarchical File Systems - HFS

Using files from UNIX programs; the Physical File System (PFS); the Logical File System (LFS); Mount points and Automount facility; new JCL keywords for files; file administration with TSO/E.

  • UNIX security

UNIX security basics; file permissions, extended permissions; UNIX security with RACF; RACF profile extensions; twelve steps to prepare for UNIX in RACF.

  • z/OS UNIX & TCP/IP
  • Managing a z/OS UNIX System Services environment

Training method

Lecturing with labs.


3 days.

Course leader

RSM Technology.