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z/OS UNIX System Services part 2 - configuration & implementation

This course follows on from the course z/OS UNIX System Services part 1 - concepts & facilities. It teaches the skills needed to install, configure and implement UNIX System Services in a z/OS environment. The course goes on to describe and explain how to manage the new environment efficiently and effectively.

On successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to:


dateduréelang.  lieu  prix
21 Aug3EHigh Wycombe  (GB)1395 GBP  (excl. TVA) 
25 Sep3Eweb based 1680 EUR  (excl. TVA) 
30 Oct3EHigh Wycombe  (GB)1395 GBP  (excl. TVA) 

Intended for

Experienced mainframe technicians working in a z/OS USS environment.


Attendees should have attended the RSM course z/OS UNIX System Services Concepts & Facilities, or have equivalent experience. (see z/OS UNIX System Services part 1 - concepts & facilities).

Main topics

Steps to install UNIX; modes of running z/OS UNIX; minimum, sockets-only and maximum mode; overview of security preparations; create root file system; controlling services with BPXPRMxx parmlib member; JCL procedures; BPXOINIT and BPXAS; starting UNIX services; initial file system structure.

z/FS File System Aggregates; z/FS parameter file; zfsadm shell command; zFS commands & utilities; zFS Colony Address Space; allocating zFS Aggregates; formatting zFS Aggregates; attaching zFS Aggregates; mounting zFS file systems.

Using files from UNIX programs; the Physical File System (PFS); the Logical File System (LFS); Mount points and Automount facility; new JCL keywords for files; file administration with TSO/E.

UNIX security basics; file permissions, extended permissions; UNIX security with RACF; RACF profile extensions; twelve steps to prepare for UNIX in RACF.

Training method

Lecturing with labs.


3 days.

Course leader

RSM Technology.


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A good overview (, )
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Heel goed, toepasbaar in praktijk.(A.D.V. voorbeelden documentatie. (, )
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Uitstekend. Docent beschikt over zeer veel parate kennis, weet goed en duidelijk uit te leggen. (, )
teveel basic intro level material. (, )
Zeer goede docent. Legt zeer helder en duidelijk uit. (, )
Docent beschikt over zeer veel kennis betreffende de materie van de cursus, maar ook van aanverwante materie. (, )
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