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ABIS Infor - 2011-10

In deze nieuwsbrief (2011-10) vindt u volgende onderwerpen:

Never change a winning team, right? But change is inevitable - change is what keeps us going, keeps us evolving as human beings! So we have to prepare for it. Make sure that when change is needed, you are ready for it.

Be prepared! Oracle DBA's need to be prepared for many changes: to application code, to SQL statements, to database schema's, hardware environment, instance configuration, ... Oracle 11g offers a vast set of tools and techniques allowing DBA's to effectively predict and monitor the impact of 'change'. Read the article.

ABIS in gesprek met Patrick Tulpin, ICT Training Consultant bij KBC over de ICT Academy. Lees het artikel.

For more than a decade now, Agile proposes more efficient (and thus cheaper) ways of producing software. And so does offshoring. Do they meet or do they clash? Read the article.

A robust script should always take care of its environment, one of the aspects of this caretaking is the ability to clean up any temporary logs or processes left lying around from an unexpected termination. Another element to consider is when an interrupt from a user is received, what is the sensible action to be taken?

Furthermore a technique to detect error situations encountered by the script and the use of the system logging infrastructure to leave traces for later troubleshooting can make a script more useful for routine jobs. Read the article.

REXX is a powerful language, which can now (since z/OS 1.9) be used to access the JES spool via SDSF functions. A powerful alternative to SDSF batch. Imagine you can pinpoint your batch jobs in error without using split screen start SDSF? Read the article.