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ABIS Infor - 2013-01

In deze nieuwsbrief (2013-01) vindt u volgende onderwerpen:

ABIS in gesprek met Robert Erdkamp van APG - over begeleiding van een Java certifceertraject. Lees het artikel.

Java SE7 (codename Dolphin) is actually not that new any more. It was released on 7/7/2011, but certainly not everybody is fully using it yet.

Since Oracle announced the end of support for JDK1.6 as of February 2013, you even have less of an excuse not to adopt it. And why wouldn't you try out some of the nice new features? In this version of Java, they didn't just add interesting classes (like in NIO, JDBC, Concurrency), but they also introduced some new things in the programming language itself. Read the article.

If you want to draw UML diagrams, and you don't want to spend the money, which tools could you use? Here are some options. Read the article.

Messaging is the foundation of Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM). Messaging is a confusing category, meaning there is no common source code (cfr. DCE) and there is no common set of specifications (cfr. Corba). Adding to the confusion, there are more than 18 sometimes drastically different products gathered under the umbrella of message-oriented middleware. These products encompass both message passing and message queuing technologies. The message passing products are an interesting technology, but are not the subject of this article. Read the article.