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Oracle 12c/18c/19c upgrade

In this course, some of the new features added to the Oracle database in versions 12c, 18c, and 19c are discussed. Participants will learn how these features increase security, manageability, and performance. An important section of the course discusses the architectural changes as a result of the introduction of container and pluggable databases (ie. the Multitenant architecture). This course does not pretend to give a complete overview of all features new to Oracle 12c, 18c, and 19c - on the contrary: it only focuses on what is relevant for a typical Oracle environment. It does not prepare for Oracle upgrade certification.


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Intended for

This course is designed for systems and database administrators, application developers and designers, and all other Oracle users needing an introduction to the new Oracle releases, and what they offer.


A working (technical) knowledge of the Oracle 11g database environment.

Main topics

The following Oracle 19c features are discussed:

  • Oracle 12/18/19c - installation and configuration

Install/Upgrading to 19c: Migration process: alternatives and technologies, Migration assistant unicode, Enterprise Manager Express

  • Pluggable databases / container databases
  • Architectural overview, CDBS and PDBs, ...
  • Creating, deleting and modifying databases
  • Management, administration, backup and recovery
  • Managing tablespace files, online data move, ...
  • Schema and Schema related changes:
  • Introduction
  • Partitioning: changed reference partitioning, partial indexes, partition based online operations, index maintenance
  • Index/Table changes: Online DDL, invisible columns, multiple index support on one column
  • Sequences, Identity columns, cascading truncate, ...
  • Security:
  • Data Redaction, auditing, Access Control List (ACL)
  • Privilege Analysis
  • SQL tuning enhancements:
  • Adaptive SQL plan management, adaptive execution plans
  • SQL plan directives
  • Histogram enhancements
  • Automatic dynamic sampling
  • Utilities:
  • Datapump, external tables
  • SQL*loader
  • Recovery Manager: Active Duplicate, cross platform backup/restore, networkenabled restore, table recovery
  • Miscellaneous
  • SQL and PL/SQL new features: eg. invoker privilege changes, granting roles to procedures, ...
  • Performance monitoring, real-time ADDM, real-time database operations
  • In-database archiving, Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
  • Temporal validity

Training method

Classroom instruction with labs.


2 days.

Course leader

Kris Van Thillo.