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Using Tivoli Workload Scheduler (OPC)

This course teaches how to effectively and confidently use TWSzOS (Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS, also known as OPC - Operations Planning & Control), which is IBM/Tivoli's strategic product for scheduling and managing the enterprise's workload.

On successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • use TWSzOS with confidence
  • update TWSzOS databases with the information needed to schedule and run work
  • identify the two plans used by TWSzOS
  • manage work by checking statuses, re-running jobs and by adding ad-hoc work into the plan
  • create and use Special Resources
  • use OPSTAT, SRSTAT and ETT
  • code Automatic Recovery statements
  • describe and use the Restart & Recovery function
  • use JCL automation and code JCL Directives


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Intended for

Operations analysts and operators, plus anyone who wants to understand the product.


The ability to use ISPF and a basic knowledge of JCL.

Main topics

  • TWSzOS overview

What TWSzOS is, what it does and how it does it;

  • TWSzOS databases

What?; When?; Where?; How?; Planning.

  • Calendar and Period databases

Calendar Database; Period - Processing Cycles.

  • Workstation Database

Workstation Database; Workstation Types; Workstation Tasks and Status Changes; Automatic Reporting Workstation; Manual Reporting Workstation; Non Reporting Workstation; WTO General Workstation; Automatic General Workstation; Workstation Resources; Workstation Open Intervals.

  • Application Database

Application Database; Application Description; Application Description Graphic; Defining Operations; Operation Details (Optional); Scheduling Instructions; Free Day Rules; Job Description Database.

  • Managing the Current Plan

Occurrence Status Codes; Operation Status Codes; Status A R & S - what they really mean; Operation Status Codes - less often seen; Status I & U - what they really mean; Extended Status Codes: for status S, for status codes A * R, for status codes R & E; Status Change Sequence; Application status: W, W and S, S, S and C; Managing Work; What you can do in the Current Plan; Ended in Error List; Special Resource Monitor; Status Code Quiz.

  • Planning

The Long Term Plan; Extending the Long Term Plan; Daily Planning; Current Plan Extend and Long Term Plan; Keeping the Current Plan Up to Date.

  • Special Resources

Using Special Resources; Special Resource Database; Operation Special Resource Requirements; Special Resource Monitor.

  • Unplanned Work

OPSTAT; Coding an OPSTAT Command; SRSTAT; Coding an SRSTAT Command; Event Triggered Tracking; ETT Triggers; ETT - SRSTAT trigger; ETT - Job Name Trigger.

  • Automatic Recovery

Automatic Recovery Functions; Recovery Actions; Automatic Job Recovery; Recovery Statements: Selection Criteria, Rebuild & Recovery, Sysplex Recovery.

  • Restart & Cleanup

What Cleanup does; Restart & Cleanup Options; Operation Details; Ended in Error List Options; Operation Restart; Step Restart Dialog Options; Modifying Cleanup Actions Dialog Panel; Automatic Cleanup Check Dialog Panel; Other Cleanup Functions; Cleanup Actions for Data Set Dispositions in a Job.

  • JCL Automation

JCL tailoring; Including and Excluding JCL; JCL Variables; Naming Variable Tables; Precedence of Variable Tables; Recognising Variables; When Variable Substitution takes place; Variable Types; Variables prefixed with %; Variables prefixed with &; Variables prefixed with ?; Dependency and Validation; Variable Format; JCL Directives; Coding JCL Directives; Introduction: SCAN Directive, BEGIN and END, FETCH, SEARCH, SETFORM, SETVAR, TABLE, COMP Keyword on BEGIN and FETCH Directives.

Training method

Practical sessions using a live system take about 50% of course time.


3 days.

Course leader

RSM Technology.

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