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Service - Quality of Service

Quality of Service - best of breed! Quality is primordial - it is the fundament of our service offering.

ABIS is structured with knowledge development, knowledge transfer and quality of service in mind, on all levels of the organisation: technical and administrative.

In order to offer an excellent service, business processes have to be developed with quality, quality assurance and quality testing in mind.

When developing courses, frequent discussions with partners and other experts allow new courses to be focused on core issues. At regular intervals of the development process, application of ABIS standards, and alignment with specified course objectives is verified. Content is discussed with colleages. And if necessary, a new course will first be organised internally - a test run.

When running a course, the use of evaluation forms allows us to keep track of the quality of our service itself. Both participants and instructors are required to offer their comments on a course - the same course, yet evaluated from two different points of view.

All our activities evolve around knowledge. Our strategy is simple: acquiring, expanding and consolidating knowledge. Our technology experts are able to keep their knowledge up to date:

Instructors are, where appropriate, certified. Some examples: