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Consulting and projects - Consulting

ABIS experts can help you solve company-specific technical or design issues. Depending on the problem, the question at hand, we will offer a solution; or we will present a migration or implementation plan that should allow you to reach a solution. These solutions are typically based on industry recognised 'best practices', yet combined with our expert's practical experience in the field.

If requested, we can also perform specific tasks at your site: installation and set-up, configuration.

As well as proposing a solution, ABIS also attempts to document and explain why a specific solution might be beneficial. In order to allow you to use this information in the future. Hence we combine consulting activities with practical knowledge transfer!

Specific implementation:

Based on your requirements, our consulting services can also be implemented as an 'on-call' service. In this scenario, experts are available whenever you need them - for example when a (performance) problem occurs, or when in need of additional support, or when specific maintenance needs to be performed.