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Education and coaching - Blended learning

Participants combine e-learning and self-study with traditional classroom training sessions. Typically, our blended learning training approach is used for implementing certification tracks.

For implementing blended learning, ABIS has chosen for the flipped classroom model. That is, participants individually prepare and study specific technical topics; then, afterwards, at regular intervals, classroom sessions are organised for them to be able to apply and build upon what they have individually learned. In a typical classroom setup, obviously, the opposite model is used.

Using this approach, we offer each participant the possibility to decide:

Obviously, the participant does not control:

Implementation process:

Each blended learning track is divided in a number of training blocks; block content is well defined and structured. Blocks are aligned based on content. For each block we define:

Participants individually prepare each training block (self-study using technical resources made available) at their own pace. Instructors are available to help them with specific questions and/or urgent problems if needed. Participants are explicitly invited to send us by e-mail their questions and comments as they proceed.

A classical training session is organized at the end of each training block, allowing us to evaluate participant progress. A simple yet representative test is used at the start of each session to that effect. That test is then used afterwards to structure the discussions during the actual class.

We offer participants additional technical background, discuss the questions and comments received, and provide participants with more challenging labs.

If needed, instructors may decide to provide additional materials at the end of the session, or even later on (off-line and/or individually). Materials may include study guides, course books, exercises and labs, remarks on exercises submitted by participants, ...

Study guide:

In order to help participants prepare and study, a detailed study guide is available for each training track. This study guide contains details about both the organisation and planning of the training track and its individual training blocks. For each block, we clearly specify what needs to be prepared (required and/or optional topics are identified), what alternative study materials and technical resources can be used to that effect, and which exercises to prepare. Hence, each participant has the option to choose individually how to prepare for a specific training block, as we make sure all alternative technical resources available cover the same content.