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Introducing domain 'Db2 for z/OS'


Db2 ("DataBase 2")

Db2 is a relational database product of IBM. It has a long history and is what some consider to be the first database product to use SQL. Db2 started out on the mainframe (Db2 for z/OS). Currently, it is positioned as a member of the Db2 family which also contains Db2 for iSeries and Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW).

(Source: Wikipedia)


Mainframes outdated? No way! A major part of existing corporate data and applications still runs smoothly on a trusted, good old mainframe!

Data on this mainframe platform is almost uniquely stored in Db2 databases! The amount of data stored is extensive. Performance, scalability, manageability, maintenance, security, integrity are therefore also very important indeed! Each of these characteristics make a Db2 for z/OS system profoundly unique. And with every new release, new features are added to Db2 for z/OS thus further providing for Db2's openness to the internet, to other subsystems, and to corporate standards (like SQL, Unicode, and XML).

So you don't need just basic Db2 knowledge - you also need sound expertise required for Db2 systems optimization. You need a thorough understanding of possible surrounding subsystems, and of the new application development paradigms in relationship to Db2. Our added value!

Core competencies

Based on the evolution of the current use of Db2 for z/OS platform, ABIS has developed a number of specific points of interest. We consider these are core competencies.

Given the importance of Db2 for z/OS, ABIS offers extensive expertise required for an efficient handling of relevant Db2 issues. End user, developer, architect, systems manager, administrator - you will find all required - even conceptual - knowledge you desire and need.

Application performance remains one of the key issues when confronted with unacceptable performance. A thorough knowledge of SQL and SQL optimization is the only means to tackle this issue. Obviously, we also need to consider application programming issues as well - covering all aspects of application development and 'Best Practices', from COBOL to Java! And all of this based on a sound application and database design.

Managing Db2 for z/OS requires expert knowledge - we focus on DBA and system management duties: installation, configurations, migration, test setup, system tuning, operations & recovery.

Db2 and its relationship with Db2 for LUW, MQ WebSphere, WebSphere Application Server, XML, Java and/or dotNet... All subjects of interest to ABIS! Knowledge on the set-up, the configuration and the use of a link between Db2 systems on different platforms is available as well as knowledge on the differences between Db2 and other relational databases; see In focus - Db2 for z/OS and related RDBMs.


By means of the ABIS course hand-outs and based on practical experience, our participants and course leaders have already taken several certificates (details - see Certification matrix 'Db2 for z/OS'), e.g.:

Course leaders

Peter Vanroose, Responsible for the Db2 domain.

Training methods


Classroom instruction


Individual training


Please find an overview of the standard trainings in the course descriptions.
On-site trainings are available.

Available as part of individual trainings and trajects.


Db2 application development and application design.


Several projects/consulting tasks can be offered by ABIS:
°) tuning of Db2 for z/OS applications - SQL performance tuning
°) set-up of distributed connections Db2 for LUW - Db2 for z/OS
°) logical database design.