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A short description of the ABIS team is given below.


Koen De Backer


Engineer Koen De Backer is involved at ABIS in the SAS, UNIX, DB2 LUW and WebSphere. His main interest is in configuration and managing LAN and application environments with a special emphasis on WebSphere.

Koen De Backer has the following certificates:



Filip Descheemaecker


Filip Descheemaecker (bachelor in electronics) has been working in the telecommunications sector for 23 years, both in technical and commercial positions. Filip started at ABIS in the third quarter 2004 to strengthen the ABIS sales team. As account manager he is responsible for both the management and the further expansion of customer relationships in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Mia Helsen


Mia Helsen Mertens is responsible for the preparation of the course handouts. She is also in charge of the reception of students and catering.


Guido Indesteege


Engineer Guido Indesteege has been working at ABIS as a consultant and instructor since 1984. He has specialized in application development with z/OS and CICS on one hand, and Java and WebSphere on the other hand. To that end, he uses the IBM Rational Developer tools RAD, RDz and RBD/EGL. He is also active in several working groups of the BeNeLux GSE.

Guido Indesteege has the following certificates:


Bart Lemarcq


Bart Lemarcq is a linguist by training, but he has always had a keen interest in computer science. He has hands-on experience with relational databases, and currently specializes in Java and web development. He has been working for ABIS since January 2015.

Bart Lemarcq has the following certificates:


Sandy Schillebeeckx


Lic. Sandy Schillebeeckx studied mathematics at the University of Leuven. She worked during 6 years at the Royal Military School of Belgium, doing research in the domain of plasma physics. Afterwards she worked as a teacher in mathematics. She started at ABIS in 2008, where her main domains of interest are Oracle, Java, SAS and XML.

Sandy Schillebeeckx has the following certificates:


Yvette Van den Acker


Yvette Van den Acker is in charge of the accounting of ABIS. She is your prime contact for all questions concerning invoices.


Ludo Van den dries


Ludo Van den dries, Dr. Sc. (physics), has worked as an Information Engineer at ABIS since 1984. He has a lot of practical experience with networking and data communications. At ABIS he was responsible for the OO and XML curriculum. Ludo was much appreciated as seminar leader for introductory courses on IT, and so he continues to do these courses for ABIS after retiring in October 2017.

Ludo Van den dries has the following certificates :


Peter Vanroose


Dr. Peter Vanroose studied mathematics and information theory at the University of Leuven, where he worked as a researcher for about 20 years in the area of artificial intelligence. He gained a broad experience in UNIX, programming (C, C++, R, a.o.), scripting (Perl, bash) and XML. In 2004 Peter joined ABIS where he is teaching courses. He specializes in relational databases, more specifically Db2, in programming languages, and in big data analytics.

Peter Vanroose has a.o. the following certificates:


Kris Van Thillo


Drs. Kris Van Thillo studied applied economic sciences at the University of Leuven. Since 1992 he has worked as an instructor and consultant at ABIS. His main areas of interest are Oracle and DB2. He is also active with PATROL, UNIX and Internet. Since November 2000 he is manager of the ABIS office in Holland.

Kris Van Thillo has the following certificates:


Arnout Veugelen


Arnout Veugelen is a civil engineer-architect (University of Leuven). After his studies, he was active as a project leader at the 'Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie' in Brussels. Since 2014 he works as an instructor at ABIS. He is mainly specialising in relational databases and data science. Furthermore he teaches introductory IT courses on computer architectures, operating systems and networks.


Paul Veugelen


Paul Veugelen, Dr. Sc. (mathematics), is General Manager of ABIS. Since 1984 he has been responsible for the training program at ABIS. In this context he follows the IT world very closely, which makes him a very knowledgeable instructor on seminars about IT products in general and IBM products in particular.

Paul Veugelen has the following certificates: