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ABIS Infor - 2012-01

Dans ce numéro d'ABIS Infor (2012-01), vous trouverez les articles suivants:

For more than 50 years we have been writing applications, and we have made tremendous progress on the technical side (hardware and software). Mastering and managing the software production process appears to be one of the toughest challenges, as indicated by the myriad of software development methods and process models that keep appearing and fading away. The last decade, a lot of attention went to incremental and iterative approaches like the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and several methods grouped under the 'Agile' umbrella. Read the article.

The Customer Information Control System (CICS) is a transaction manager designed for rapid, high-volume online transaction processing (according to Wikipedia). Originally developed for traditional 3270 terminals, the actual versions of the CICS Transaction Server support a variety of other user interactions, ranging from mobile devices, over web browsers, to service interactions. Read the article.

L'enseignement "Ex Cathedra", traditionnellement la méthode habituelle de l'enseignement, n'est ni le seul moyen d'accéder à la connaissance, ni le meilleur ni le pire. Une approche pratique "Hands On" a ses avantages et ses incnvénients. Chez ABIS, nous utilisons un mélange sain des deux. Lisez l'article.

Companies will have to decide to migrate their WAS infrastructures. The question is will such a migration bring improvements for the existing application load, and if so what type of application load will benefit? Should a migration to the next level of WAS be considered or a migration to a completely different run time platform?

The latest version of WAS delivers new, practical, good features that will let you decide to go for improvement of infrastructure and stay with a very flexible server engine with an footprint adapted to the companies application load. Read the article.

- SQL workshop le 01/03/2012 à Louvain (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr0087.html)

- Scrum for managers le 01/03/2012 à Louvain (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr1589.html)

- Le développement Spring le 12/03/2012 à Louvain (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr1369.html)

- Java EE: développer des applications enterprise avec EJB 3.x et JPA le 14/03/2012 à Louvain (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr1452.html)

- SQL pour utilisateurs avancés les 15/03/2012 et 18/04/2012 à Louvain (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr1209.html)

- UNIX/Linux/AIX: la programmation en shell le 21/03/2012 à Woerden (voir http://www.abis.be/html/fr0953.html)