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MVS - z/OS

Actively coached self-study mainframe   Contact ABIS
Mainframe track for developers   Contact ABIS
Mainframe track for system professionals   Contact ABIS
Introduction to mainframe computing   Contact ABIS
ISPF/PDF basics   Contact ABIS
Efficient use of ISPF/PDF1.0Woerden455 EUR 29 N     
MVS and z/OS overview1.0Woerden455 EUR 09 N     
JCL2.0Woerden910 EUR 30 N     
MVS and ISPF utilities1.0Leuven480 EUR  12 E    
TSO/E REXX2.0Leuven910 EUR  13 E    
Advanced TSO/E REXX   Contact ABIS
ISPF dialog manager   Contact ABIS
VSAM essentials3.0High Wycombe1375 GBP 30 E  01 E 03 E
z/OS subsystems   Contact ABIS
Storage management administration & exploitation4.0High Wycombe1750 GBP  04 E  04 E 
z/OS - MVS and JES2 operations3.0High Wycombe1355 GBP  13 E 27 E 15 E
Using z/OS Assembler5.0High Wycombe1750 GBP  18 E 13 E 15 E
z/OS-MVS system fundamentals - part 14.0High Wycombe1675 GBP 21 E  06 E  
web based2295 EUR  25 E    
z/OS-MVS system fundamentals - part 25.0High Wycombe1925 GBP  04 E 13 E  
HSM implementation and customisation3.0High Wycombe1375 GBP22 E 13 E  20 E 
Understanding RACF1.0High Wycombe425 GBP 04 E15 E    
web based580 EUR 15 E     
RACF administration and auditing4.0High Wycombe1625 GBP  18 E 20 E  
SMP/E for installation & maintenance4.0High Wycombe1565 GBP  04 E  18 E 
web based2140 EUR 21 E 23 E   
TCP/IP for z/OS implementation   Contact ABIS
Using Tivoli Workload Scheduler (OPC)3.0High Wycombe1375 GBP  20 E  06 E 
Parallel Sysplex concepts & facilities2.0High Wycombe850 GBP 29 E 19 E  22 E
Parallel Sysplex: operations, troubleshooting & recovery3.0High Wycombe1395 GBP  11 E  04 E 
z/OS UNIX System Services - concepts & facilities2.0High Wycombe850 GBP  18 E   08 E
web based1060 EUR   03 E28 E  
z/OS UNIX System Services - configuration & implementation3.0High Wycombe1325 GBP  20 E   10 E
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