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z/OS application development with RDz


Traditional mainframe application development for batch applications or on-line transactions has been done for decades using the TSO/ISPF environment. IBM's RDz (Rational Developer for z Systems - actually called IDz or IBM Developer for z Systems) facilitates the development process by offering a complete integrated workbench for coding, testing and debugging these applications. The development will be done locally, but at any stage with a connection to the remote z/OS.

In this course, participants learn:

  • to use RDz for the development of traditional well structured batch or online mainframe oriented applications, written in COBOL or PL/I;
  • to test and debug these applications efficiently, using the integrated debugger and zUnit;
  • to know the possibilities for integrating z/OS applications, using database access (DB2);
  • to manage and deploy the applications on the z/OS.

Main topics

  • RDz workbench as Integrated Development Environment
  • basic Eclipse concepts: navigation in the workbench • perspectives • views • editors
  • resource manipulations • searching • comparing • local history • import and export
  • z/OS development
  • RDz features/perspectives for z/OS projects
  • z/OS connection • preparation of datasets (filter, mapping, property groups)
  • COBOL / PL/I editor (code assist, templates, snippets)
  • JCL editor and job submission • spool monitor
  • dataset utilities
  • Debugging
  • preparation (compile • JCL)
  • integrated debugger for source code debugging (views: debug • breakpoint • variable • monitor)
  • zUnit framework
  • z/OS project organisation
  • MVS subprojects
  • property group customisation
  • deployment of applications
  • Data base development
  • data source explorer
  • data projects (SQL query build and test)
  • stored procedures (SQL PL, COBOL, PL/I)
  • database applications
  • CICS applications
  • using CICS facilities (EXEC CICS)
  • BMS editor
  • CICS integrated debugging

Intended for

Application programmers who are going to develop online and/or batch applications using the RDz COBOL and/or PL/I features.


The students should be experienced in COBOL (see COBOL programming - part 1) or PL/I (see PL/I programming: fundamentals course). Basic knowledge of DB2 and CICS is an advantage.

Training method

Theory is kept to a minimum. The delegate spends most of the time on developing and testing COBOL (or PL/I) applications interactively.

Course leader

Guido Indesteege.


2 days.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested ? Please contact ABIS.

Global score

4.0/5 (based on 61 evaluations)


Goed, maar veel voor 2 dagen. (, )
vlot, overzichtelijk (, )
trop de detail sur la parametrisation et pas sur l'utilisation (, )
bon, mais il manque des exemples complets (, )
Goed, juist iets meer tijd nodig voor sommige oefeningen (, )
Dit is een goede cursus goed gegeven door Gie (, )
prima als overzicht van alle mogelijkheden (, )
goed als inleiding voor RDZ (, )
Inhoudelijk goed, maar moest wel veel te snel gaan (, )
ma vision des possibilitÚs offerts par RDZ est beaucoup plus claire (, )

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