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Introducing domain 'UNIX - Linux - AIX'



UNIX is a portable, multi-task and multi-user computer operating system originally developed by a group of AT&T Bell Labs employees including Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Douglas McIlroy. UNIX is now offered by many manufacturers, including IBMs AIX, and Linux.

(Source: Webster's Dictionary of Computing)


Mainframes outdated? No-way! A major part of existing corporate data and applications still runs smoothly on a trusted, good old mainframe! And still, situations do exist where UNIX-boxes can offer viable alternatives. Indeed, even on these trusted z/OS machines, UNIX functionality has been implemented.

Furthermore, at numerous sites, UNIX, Linux and AIX are the foundation of application servers, and web-based applications.

ABIS has an extensive UNIX knowledge: as well from a systems management as an application and user point of view. We are typically dealing with numerous UNIX flavours: AIX on pSeries (RS/6000), Linux Redhat and Suse, z/OS USS. In combination with our application server related expertise - our added value.

Core competencies

The focus of our attention goes out to the following topics.

Given the importance of this platform, ABIS provides all required expertise for an efficient handling of relevant UNIX issues. Developer, architect, systems manager, administrator - you will find all required - even conceptual - knowledge you desire and need. And if you use UNIX System services, see also In focus - z/OS UNIX System Services (USS).

The AIX UNIX flavour has been gaining importance - primarily based on the renewed success of UDB, and the impact of WebSphere. Effectively managing AIX requires specific expertise - expertise readily available at ABIS!

Typically, UNIX servers are used for very specific purposes - as a web server, mail server, database server. Managers of these applications typically require very UNIX specific knowledge, as an extension to their specific application related skills.Therefore, we chose to also focus on the extra expertise you need to effectively manage your specific application server?


By means of the ABIS course hand-outs and based on practical experience, our participants and course leaders have already taking the following certificates (details - see Certification matrix 'UNIX - Linux - AIX'):

Course leaders

Peter Vanroose, Responsible for the UNIX domain

Training methods


Classroom instruction


Indivodual training


Please find an overview of the standard trainings in this borchure.
On-site trainings are available.

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Set-up and configuration of UNIX systems