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Perl programming: fundamentals course


Perl is a popular general-purpose programming language. It is designed to be used on all possible platforms (UNIX, Linux, MS-Windows, Mac, ...). It is commonly applied for a wide range of tasks such as system administration, web development, network programming, and text manipulation. Perl is praised for its flexibility, versatility, performance, and its ease to automate system tasks. During this course, the basic syntax of the Perl 5 language is discussed.

Main topics

  • Introduction:
  • What is Perl?
  • Why is Perl used?
  • Basic structures in Perl:
  • basic operations (arithmetic and textual)
  • comparisons
  • standard input/output
  • The use of lists (arrays and hashes)
  • Conditions and strings:
  • if ... elsif ... else, unless, ...
  • while, until, for, foreach
  • Manipulation and comparison of text strings
  • pattern matching with regular expressions
  • substitution, extraction, splitting of textual data
  • More advanced topics:
  • the creation and use of subroutines
  • the handling of files (open, read, write)
  • the use of references
  • Perl and the shell: piping, redirecting, calling external programs, and the use of parameters
  • Perl modules: installing them and learn how to use them

Intended for

System administrators who want to automate day-to-day tasks, and possibly deploy their scripts on multiple platforms.Software developers who are charmed by the compact, readable, and versatile programming possibilities, or by the unexpectedly efficient runtime behaviour of Perl.Designers planning to use a Perl module which they found on the internet, and want to understand how that module works.


Participants should have a basic programming experience (see course Programming fundamentals). It is assumed that the participants are sufficiently familiar with either MS-Windows, Unix, or Linux, in order to be able to create files and start up programs.

Training method

Classroom instruction; theory, examples and exercises.

Course leader

Peter Vanroose.


3 days.


You can enrol by clicking on a date
datedur.lang.  location  price
26 Jun3NWoerden  (NL)1350 EUR  (exempt from VAT)  guaranteed
04 Sep3?Leuven  (BE)1350 EUR  (excl. VAT) 
27 Nov3NWoerden  (NL)1350 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 

Global score

4.2/5 (based on 192 evaluations)


This has given me a very good grounding of the Perl language, I feel confident that I can go back to the workplace and start to use it - slowly at first! (, )
Gecondenseerde stof (, )
Goede cursus die mij bood wat ik verwachtte (, )
goede cursus voor basis perl (, )
Als algemene introductie wel goed. Wel veel voor 3 dagen (, )
Gezien ik noch Unix noch Windows kennis had vond ik de cursus met momenten te snel gaan. (, )
Heel goede cursus, bruikbaar, zéér enthousiast gegeven. Geen negatieve punten. (, )
Op zich een verhelderende uiteenzetting, maar het time management kan naar mijn gevoel beter. Er werd te snel over de oefeningen gegaan, zonder moeilijke oefeningen gezamenlijk te behandelen waardoor ik het gevoel heb de materie onvoldoende te beheersen. (, )
Goede cursus, ging wel wat snel (, )
Zeer aangename en nuttige cursus! (, )

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