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MongoDB training


MongoDB is a free and open-source noSQL database, used as database engine on the web and as document store. It is often used in a big data context.

After this training you will be able to implement a MongoDB solution from a developer's point of view. You will also have sufficient understanding of the MongoDB architecture to avoid common mistakes.

Main topics

  • Introduction to MongoDB (1,5h)
  • What is MongoDB and where does it stand in the noSQL landscape
  • Differences with a relational database approach
  • J/BSON and JSON in Depth
  • Installation of MongoDB and some helpful tools for managing and operating the server
  • Mongo Shell usage, with examples
  • Schema-less design, through the shell
  • Basic usage (2,5h)
  • Inserting data, things to keep in mind
  • Querying what's in the database & the use of criteria and cursors
  • Updating & removing selected documents
  • Exploring The Mongo PHP extension, talk to Mongo with PHP
  • Schema design (2,5h)
  • Denormalization revisited, some considerations to keep in mind
  • Embedding and the impact on relations with constraints and the use of transactions
  • Different kinds of Indexes explained
  • Mongo PHP extension and Indexes
  • Doctrine ODM (2h)
  • Mapping data to PHP classes: modelling and persistence
  • CRUD operations with ODM
  • Querying with the Doctrine ODM
  • Aggregation pipeline (2h)
  • What is the aggregation pipeline and why would you use it
  • Utilizing the pipeline with aggregation expressions
  • Best practices
  • Managing MongoDB (2h)
  • Exploring the different storage engines and ensuring data consistency through journaling and read/write concerns
  • Handling backups
  • Monitoring the MongoDB system
  • Optimization strategies
  • Extra topics
  • Choosing your weapon of choice: Administrator GUIs
  • Replication and Sharding at a glance

Intended for

Developers who are planning to build and design applications using MongoDB.


We assume you have no prior experience with MongoDB. Working knowledge of an imperative, OO programming language is required (PHP, Python, Java, etc.).

The following skills are helpful, but not strictly required:

  • Basic system administration skills
  • Experience with relational database concepts
  • Knowledge of basic JavaScript

Training method

Classroom training with extensive practical exercises.

Course leader



2 days.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested ? Please contact ABIS.