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SQL and relational databases fundamentals


This training provides an overview of the structure of relational database systems (RDBMS), such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Access ... and how they can be interrogated with the SQL language. This course will help you explore this fascinating world, and will convince you of both the power and the simplicity of the relational data model and of SQL.

At the end of this course, participants:

  • will have a thorough knowledge of the relational database model;
  • will know the basic SQL syntax;
  • will have effectively explored a database by means of the SQL SELECT statement;
  • will be able to write SQL queries to interrogate any relational database.

During the exercises the DML aspects of the language are treated (especially the SELECT statement). The emphasis lies on writing queries. This course precedes the more advanced courses SQL workshop, SQL advanced course, and other courses treating RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and MySQL/MariaDB.

Main topics

  • Basic principles of the relational model: tables, data types, and domains; keys; normalisation; nulls
  • Basic principles of a relational database: client-server model; global organisation (catalog, optimizer); integrity guarantees (primary & foreign keys, checks)
  • Data manipulation (DML): the SELECT statement - with exercises on each topic:
  • basic syntax: select - from - where
  • filtering results: basic predicates
  • combining predicates with AND / OR / NOT
  • the issue of NULL values
  • operators and expressions • scalar functions
  • column functions • group by & having
  • order by
  • combining tables: inner and outer join
  • More data manipulation: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE

Intended for

This training is intended for those who have (almost) never worked with SQL. You can test for yourself to see whether this course contains enough new information for you by filling out the online self-test.


No specific background is required - some familiarity with informatics is an advantage.

Training method

Theory with emphasis on practical exercises. The relational database system to be used during the exercises can be chosen: Oracle, DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for LUW, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL. (Please indicate your choice on the registration form.)

Course leader

an ABIS instructor.


2 days.


You can enrol by clicking on a date
datedur.lang.  location  price
18 Jul2NWoerden  (NL)850 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 
07 Sep2NWoerden  (NL)850 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 
02 Oct2?Leuven  (BE)850 EUR  (excl. VAT) 
30 Oct2EWoerden  (NL)850 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 
13 Nov2NLeuven  (BE)850 EUR  (excl. VAT) 

Global score

4.4/5 (based on 78 evaluations)


it was really clear and the ratio between the exercises and the theory was good. (, )
zeer goed voor een beginner (, )
Een overzichtelijke cursus, goed gepresenteerd door de lesgever, tempo (en de hoeveelheid leerstof) mocht voor mij hoger (, )
OK. Zou gerust in 1 dag kunnen voor mensen met IT achtergrond, ook zonder enig ervaring met SQL/relationele DB. (, )
goede cursus met veel flexibiliteit (, )
Goeie cursus, ook voor beginners. Staat wel vaker bij een cursus, maar is niet altijd zo, vandaar deze opmerking. (, )
Prettige combi van theorie en praktijk.Positief (, )
geeft goede overview en heeft juiste diepgang voor een kennismakings cursus (, )
professeur très clair dans ses explications, il connait bien sa matière et il aime l'enseigner (, )
Goede cursus die vanaf 0 de SQL technieken aanhaalt. De cursus heeft ook een goede opbouw (thema's) (, )

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