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PL/SQL database programming


During the development and/or control of programs for database processing, application programmers, developers and DBAs need more than the basic relational possibilities of Oracle SQL.

Therefore the objectives of this course are:

  • to describe and exercise the procedural characteristics that are added by PL/SQL to SQL;
  • to know the advantages of using stored procedures, functions and triggers.

Main topics

  • Introduction PL/SQL:

'Stand Alone' versus 'Stored' procedures

  • SQL support:

Writing SQL in a procedural environment

  • Variables and constants - records, collections:

Explicit declaration • implicit declaration

  • Logical comparisons:

If-then-else structure

  • Conditional and iterative control:

For-loop • do-while loop • loop-endloop • goto

  • Cursor management:

Implicit and explicit cursors • attributes • cursor-for loop

  • Error treatment:

Pre-defined exceptions • application exceptions

  • Procedural objects:

packages • functions • procedures • triggers

  • Oracle Supplied Packages

Intended for

This course is designed for application programmers, developers and DBAs.


Knowledge of Oracle relational database systems, SQL and the concepts behind procedural languages (see Oracle fundamentals course).

Training method

Classroom instruction with practical exercises.

Course leader

Kris Van Thillo.


3 days.


You can enrol by clicking on a date
datedur.lang.  location  price
22 Nov3?Leuven  (BE)1350 EUR  (excl. VAT) 
18 Dec3NWoerden  (NL)1350 EUR  (exempt from VAT) 

Global score

4.2/5 (based on 111 evaluations)


Prima (, )
Zeer leerrijk, op een aangename mannier gegeven met goede afwisseling van theorie en oefeningen. (, )
good, but quite complex for what I will need in the near future: "select" only grants on our DB2 (, )
al doende leert men (, )
Concreet en bruikbaar. (, )
prima, zoals verwacht (, )
een betere kennis van SQL was nuttig geweest (, )
zeer goed en compleet (, )
PL/SQL gaat m.i. behoorlijk terug in de tijd. (Back to basics) (, )
Prima cursus.Zeer heldere uitleg. Adhoc vragen duidelijk beantwoord. Geen moment saai. (, )

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