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SQL fundamentals

Intended for

This course is intended for those who have (almost) never worked with SQL. You can test for yourself to see if this course contains enough new information for you by filling out the online self-test.


Participants should be familiar with relational systems because the basic principles of the relational database theory are not treated in this course. Having attended the course RDBMS concepts (or having a comparable background) is recommended. You can fill in the online self-test to determine whether you have enough background knowledge.

Training method

Theory with emphasis on practical exercises. The relational database system used during the exercises can be chosen. (Please indicate your choice on the registration form.)

Course leader

an ABIS instructor.


1 day.


20/05/2014NWoerden405 EUR guaranteed
24/06/2014ELeuven405 EUR guaranteed
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SQL is the de facto standard language for interrogating and maintaining relation database systems (RDBMS). This course will help you explore this fascinating world, and will convince you of the power and yet the simplicity of SQL.

At the end of this course, participants:

  • will know the basic SQL syntax;
  • will have examined effectively a database by means of SQL DML.

During the exercises the DML aspects of the language are treated (especially the SELECT statement). The emphasis lies on writing queries. This course precedes the more advanced courses SQL workshop, Advanced SQL, and other courses treating RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and MySQL.

Main topics

  • Data manipulation - the SELECT statement:
  • basic syntax: select - from - where - group by - having - order by • join • operators and expressions • predicates • NULL • scalar functions • column functions • exercises
  • Data manipulation: INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE statements