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Spring is a layered Java application platform for building enterprise solutions. It includes flexible dependency injection with XML and annotation-based configuration styles. Spring will enable you to focus on your business problem rather than the plumbing that connects components and systems and will make your code easier to test.

In this course we will mainly focus on the core of Spring and the ingredients needed to build a full application (front to back) based on the framework.

Main topics

  • Introduction: What is Spring - Architecture
  • Spring Core:
  • The container
  • Bean declaration and wiring of beans via XML and annotations
  • Wiring with expressions (Spring Expression Language SpEL)
  • Bean lifecycle
  • Testing in Spring
  • Aspect-oriented Spring (AOP): Aspects, advices, pointcuts
  • Database support
  • Configuring datasources
  • Integration with JDBC and ORM frameworks
  • Transaction management
  • Building web applications with Spring MVC
  • Writing a basic controller
  • Processing forms
  • Spring Security
  • Advanced topics:

Working with remote services • REST support • messaging • wiring EJBs


Intended for

Architects, designers and developers who wish to learn how to use the Spring framework for building enterprise Java applications.


A good knowledge of Java programming (see course Java programming) is required.The participant should also have a basic understanding of the common Java EE APIs: Servlets, JSP and JDBC (see courses Java EE: building web applications with servlets & JSPs and JDBC).

Training method

Classroom instruction and exercises.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx.


3 days.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested ? Please contact ABIS.

Global score

4.0/5 (based on 111 evaluations)


Opdrachten zijn erg fijn, je hebt voldoende tijd om er wat van te leren ten opzichte van haastig werk om de opdracht binnen de tijd af te krijgen. Optionele onderzoekspunten helpen je om verdieping aan te brengen en houden het leuk. (, )
Goede docent, kundig. Inhoud had nog meer mogen aansluiten bij de APG praktijk. Tempo had voor mij iets hoger gekund. (, )
this course gave me a very good overview of spring 3.0 (, )
good, liked the combination of theory with handsome practice. (, )
De materie is voor mij vrij warrig en onlogisch en daardoor wist ik vaak niet hoe ik verder moest (, )
Goede inhoudelijk cursus. Verwachtingen zijn waargemaakt. (, )
Just what I expected from a complete introduction to the framework (, )
link met APG situatie kan beter. Buiten aangeven wat we binnen APG gebruiken ook aangeven hoe omdat veel frameworks verschillende smaken hebben. (, )
Goed - met name de inhoud van dag 1 en de web-services op dag 2. (, )
Geeft een goed overzicht van de mogelijkheden van Spring (, )

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