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DB2 for z/OS advanced programming


During this course participants learn:

  • how DB2 is to be used in an interactive context: as a back-end of a web interface, or in combination with a Transaction Processing environment (CICS TS, IMS/TM, or ISPF); attention is given to the integrity of data manipulations, as well as to performance;
  • to coordinate the development of batch-oriented applications with the characteristics of DB2, specifically regarding restartability, i.e., how to make long-running applications restartable.

Both goals can be achieved through a thorough analysis of the cursor concept, and by finding out when DB2 materialises its result set.

At the end of this course participants will be able to build optimal applications independently, both for interactive use and for batch.

Main topics

  • Embedded SQL: new and advanced possibilities: rowsets • indicators • less known cursor options • more about subqueries
  • Cursor processing: internal functions • link with integrity • performance aspects • materialisation
  • Pseudo-conversations: scrolling • positioning • repeatable read • scrollable cursors
  • Batch oriented application: synchronisation • restartability • bulk processing of data • off-line alternatives
  • SQL solutions versus programmed solutions: integrity • performance
  • Increasing importance of packages, of dynamic SQL, and of BIND options like REOPT
  • Locking: selection of the most suitable options for optimal concurrency

Intended for

Application developers, DBAs, and everyone involved in designing, writing, or supporting DB2 applications.


Participants should be familiar with embedded SQL (DB2) in COBOL PL/I, SQL PL, or an other programming language (see course DB2 for z/OS fundamentals course). At least a few months of practical experience is recommended.

Training method

Apart from theory, ample time will be spent on several examples and exercises.

Course leader

Peter Vanroose.


2 days.


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09 Nov2?Leuven  (BE)1000 EUR  (excl. VAT) 

Global score

4.1/5 (based on 39 evaluations)


Bonne présentation, cours intéressant. (, )
bons tips (, )
Goed, maar er mochten voor mij wat meer oefeningen in(die we eventueel zelf meer moeten uitwerken) (, )
Très intéressant et très interactif. (, )
Bon cours, permet d'approfondir et de réflêchir sur comment faire les choses en DB2. (, )
Op de praktijk gebaseerd, goed bruikbaar. (, )
bien trop d'informations arrivent et presque aucune pratique pour comprendre ce que vient d'être raconté.(exercice quasi faits, etc..) trop de théorie/pas assez de pratique (, )
Excellente (, )
un très bon cours en général (, )