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Oracle 12c: Multitenant


During this course participants learn about one of the two most challenging and innovative new features of Oracle 12c - the Oracle Multitenant database architecture. Indeed, the introduction of the multitenant architecture as well as the introduction of the concept of pluggeable databases has dramatically changed the traditional - now legacy - Oracle database architecture; and all of this without impacting the way traditional applications approach Oracle data!

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • identify the core characteristics of the Oracle Multitenant architecture
  • setup, monitor and administer the Oracle Multitenant architecture
  • understand the additional flexibility offered by the Oracle Multitenant architecture
  • advice application developers - and others - on its advantages


Main topics

  • Introducing the Oracle Multitenant architecture: a high level overview

Container databases - pluggeable databases

  • Multitenant container databases

The Multitenant Architecture - creation and administration of container databases - advantages and disadvantages - migration from legacy architecture

  • Pluggeable databases

Concepts - creation and administration of pluggeable databases (starting/stopping) - access

Creating, deleting, modifying, cloning, plugging in/out databases

Promoting standard databases to containers

  • Pluggeable Databases and the Data Dictionary
  • Backup and Recovery considerations
  • New features/Legacy features not supported in the Multitenant environment

Intended for

Experienced Oracle DBAs who need to setup, configure and manage the Oracle Multitenant architecture. As multitenant - in the end - will become the ultimate Oracle architecture, this course will be beneficiary for all Oracle DBA's.


Knowledge of Oracle - level Oracle Database Administration - is required.

Training method

This is mainly a conceptual course. After a short theoretical introduction, some time is spent on the set-up and use in a theoretical context.

Course leader

Kris Van Thillo.


1 day.


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques a ce moment. Nous organisons volontièrement un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé ? Veuillez contacter ABIS.