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Knowledge domains

Throughout the years ABIS has always focused on mainframe related knowledge domains: z/OS, DB2 and IMS, transaction servers and application development.

Yet ICT is in constant evolution - and so are our customers! Numerous factors have contributed to an increase in ICT complexity resulting for most of our customers in a need to manage and maintain a wide range of platforms and applications (internal reorganisation, internal strategy changes, a switch to external (ERP) packages, 'make or buy' decisions, the raise of new application development paradigms...). As a knowledge provider, ABIS has to monitor this evolution very closely: the services we offer should reflect this evolution.

So what do we observe?

ABIS has adapted its service offering accordingly. We have defined 3 main focus areas: z/OS host-based technology (green line), database consolidation (blue line), and reuse & integration (red line).


Each of these focus areas is developed and approached along the following three principles: