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Introducing ABIS - Our knowledge base

In order to offer 'best-of-breed' services, ABIS is convinced it needs to keep track of current evolution in IT. Professional literature, technical and strategic conferences, and practical on-site experiences, allow us to align our service offerings with market evolution. What market evolution? Obviously only those that matter to you, our customer!

From the beginning, ABIS has always focused on the specific needs of the IT-professional. A professional - a specialist! - who has to develop and maintain application systems in very complex environments: reliability, security, availability and effectiveness are crucial. Hence our focus on the requirements imposed by 'enterprise-based computing' - often using z/OS as the core computing platform. And on the need to continuously integrate separate systems through messaging and service technologies across several platforms.

Our offering fits into a specific framework, adapted to the evolution of ICT as it is conceived by ABIS. In this sense, our offerings are product-independent.