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ABIS Infor - 2016-02

Dans ce numéro d'ABIS Infor (2016-02), vous trouverez les articles suivants:

In November, after a 3-year stay at Diestsevest 14, ABIS Leuven moved to a new but familiar place: our old address at Diestsevest 32. The building was thoroughly renovated and got a brand new interior. Read the article.

Vous connaissez ABIS comme un institut de formation qui offre, en plus de formations ouvertes (ou 'publiques'), également des cours sur mesure, intégrés ou non dans des projets de formation étendus. En effet, nous considérons la mise au point et l'implémentation de tels projets comme une de nos spécialités. En 2015, nous y avons ajouté une dimension supplémentaire. Lisez l'article.

Open-source software is more and more emerging, as a worthwhile and often even superior alternative for often (too) expensive commercial solutions. But sometimes there exist a few misunderstandings about what exactly is "free" and/or "open" software. A short heads-on! Read the article.

The internet application world is evolving at fast speed. In the early 90ties only static content, defined via basic HTML pages, was possible. Each hyperlink request transferred a new page to the user. Adding more dynamic features started with the advent of Java applets, and later on with the support of JavaScript. Actual web applications are built on frameworks that support asynchronous interaction between client and server, using a lot of technologies. One of them is called Angular JS. Read the article.