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ABIS Infor - 2016-11

This newsletter (2016-11) contains the following topics:

Lately, Big Data and Analytics have been particularly fashionable words in IT. New fashion comes with new terminology, and before you know it, you are at a loss for words. From now on, this will no longer be the case. Thanks to our Big Data alphabet, you will impress your boss and colleagues during meetings and coffee breaks.

In our previous edition we presented part 1 (A–K), this time we add part 2 (L-Z). Read the article.

What is the current state of the connection landscape for applications that have a DB2 backend as a target? What are the options, if any?

The path taken by application requests to reach the DB2 data store on z/OS for many years pivoted around the, "classic" DB2 client and the DB2 Connect gateway. These pieces of software, for DB2, bridged the gap between the "distributed" (DB2 for LUW) environment and the host (DB2 for z/OS, IBM i). The type of application ("legacy" client, web, mobile or cloud) will for sure be a criterion to decide on the connection topology. Read the article.