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ABIS Infor - 2017-12

This newsletter (2017-12) contains the following topics:

In a previous article (ABIS Infor 2016-04), I wrote about naming in IT. Since there were a lot of positive reactions and also because I find it an interesting topic, I could not resist writing a follow-up article.

In this part I will mainly talk about product names, but also some names of IT companies will pass by. Special attention is given to (recursive) acronyms and backronems ... Read the article (in Dutch).

September 25 2017, Bergen, Norway: Peter Sagan writes another line of his already impressive palmares. With apparent ease, he wins the Men's Elite Road Race of the UCI World Championships, securing his third rainbow jersey in a row. According to some, it was an utterly boring race, with the only action in the last lap. According to others, it was just another illustration of the magnificent talent of Peter Sagan, and the competitors simply didn't stand any chance.

Instead of just trusting our gut feeling as irrational cycling supporters, we decided to have a look at the data, with the help of Python and some of its excellent libraries for Web Scraping and Data Analysis...

The code snippets in the article are written in Python 3. Read the article.