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z/OS - MVS and JES2 operations


This course provides a view of z/OS (with JES2 as the job entry subsystem) through the eyes of the operator and the operator console. It goes through the system's functions by following a sequence which begins with the start-up of the system (IML and IPL) and then follows how the system controls the application workload coming through and exiting the system. The operator's ability to control this process is also discussed in detail.

On successfully completing this course, attendees will understand the structure of MVS/JES2, and be able to operate it and apply basic diagnostics.

Main topics

  • MVS and JES2 - how they relate
  • operator communication - the console - the console command;
  • the console message;
  • console control - 'adjusting the seat before you drive...'.
  • Starting and stopping MVS and JES2:
  • starting JES2
  • taking down JES2 - normal and abnormal termination
  • Input/Output devices:
  • devices - units - volumes
  • the offline/online concept
  • commands for display and vary
  • The active system:
  • reading and queue management
  • active jobs' requirements
  • started tasks
  • output queue management and printing
  • z/OS Workload & the Active System:
  • Started Tasks
  • batch processing
  • getting work started
  • job initiations
  • reports & lists.
  • Reading Jobs & Queue Management:
  • Displaying queues (£DQ & £DN)
  • displaying jobs
  • Hold/Release (£H & £A)
  • Cancel
  • Restart
  • Purge
  • Active Job Requirements:
  • Controlling Initiators
  • displaying active jobs (£DA)
  • cancelling jobs (£C); mounting
  • display requests
  • START & STOP commands
  • Output Queue Management & Printing:
  • Display Forms (£DF)
  • List job output (£L)
  • display output details (£DO)
  • control printers
  • display JES2 devices (£DU).
  • Problem and dump management:
  • 'unusual' events
  • ABENDs
  • SVCdumps & standalone dumps

Intended for

MVS/JES2 Operators, Systems Programmers and other technical support personnel who need an understanding of the operational characteristics of z/OS.


An understanding of the z/OS environment, as taught in the course z/OS Concepts & Facilities, and knowledge of TSO/ISPF and JCL.

Training method

Lecturing and exercises.

Course leader

RSM Technology.


3 days.


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